Where To Buy GNU+Linux Computers

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Dell :ubuntu: 🇺🇸

Entroware :ubuntu: :mate: 🇬🇧

Lenovo :ubuntu: :fedora: 🇨🇳

FSF :fsf: 🇺🇸 🇪🇺 :trisquel:

Purism :purism: :qubes: 🇺🇸

System76 :ubuntu: :popos: 🇺🇸

Curated List of Preloaded PCs :gnu: :linux:

Where To Buy GNU+Linux Computers II

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Kubuntu Focus :kubuntu: 🇺🇸

Laptop With Linux :zorin: 🇳🇱

PineBook :manjaro: 🇨🇳

Slimbook :kde: :ubuntu: 🇪🇸

Star Labs :elementary: 🇬🇧

ThinkPenguin :linuxmint: :trisquel: 🇺🇸

Tuxedo :opensuse: 🇩🇪

Curated List :gnu: :linux:

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Where To Buy GNU+Linux Computers III

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Juno :ubuntu: 🇪🇺 🇺🇸 🇨🇦

LAC :ubuntu: :linuxmint: :centos: :opensuse: 🇺🇸

Laptop Mountain :linuxmint: 🇺🇸

Linux Certified :ubuntu: :fedora: :linuxmint: :redhat: 🇺🇸

The Linux Laptop :archlinux: :centos: :ubuntu: :linuxmint: :opensuse: :zorin: 🇺🇸

Curated List :gnu: :linux:

Hi Suguru-san, thank you very much for resharing my post! If you know similar shops that sell GNU+Linux preinstalled laptops in Japan, please let me know.


While this post (see above) is currently going hotter and hotter, let me show you several links containing more information on Where To Buy GNU+Linux Computers:

👉 Linux Preloaded, the inspiration of this post

👉 A Long List by OSCollege

👉 Debian Computer Vendors List

👉 ItsFoss' List

👉 Lenovo's Official Ubuntu Laptops

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Hello @lightweight, once again I am having a hot and lively post (please see above). If you know a vendor in New Zealand that sells GNU+Linux computers, please tell me.

Where To Buy GNU+Linux Computers IV

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Nitro :qubes: :ubuntu: :linuxmint: :debian: 🇩🇪

Technoethical :trisquel: 🇷🇴 🇪🇺

Minifree :trisquel: 🇬🇧

Vikings :trisquel: 🇩🇪

Libiquity :trisquel: 🇺🇸

Mostly Harmless :trisquel: :pureos: :debian: 🇮🇳

Curated List :gnu: :linux:

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Yeah i have one of thème and their work well ...

The only thing that disappointed me a bit is that I had an USB cable in my back bag with the laptop and it left a lot of scratch on the device 😔

I hoped it was more resistant to this kind of thinks ... Finally a lot of stickers landed on it ...

@sigsegv @ademalsasa
@tuxedocomputers if you can make them more resistant to scratches it will be perfect ;)

@hyde @ademalsasa ah, yes that sucks. Though, if that's the biggest issue then I suppose I could live with it 🙂 my laptops are covered by stickers anyway 😅
I was thinking of getting a Tuxedo next time, but I haven't used them before. So thanks for sharing!

And loved the fact they are the only one to have #Dvorak layout... As far as I know

@ademalsasa wasn't thinkpad x1 nano also available with fedora or ubuntu?

@ademalsasa I bought one of the early Dell's with Ubuntu pre-loaded, but sadly it is now less useful because it is 32-bit and no longer receives updates.

@ademalsasa I feel like Pine64 is missing but other then that great list!

@olamundo hello my friend olamundo, unfortunately I do not know or I forgot if there is a link for Latin America and Brazil.

However, I found this one just a second after first reply to you What is your opinion, Amigo?

@ademalsasa thanks, Kanca!

I’m someday there will be more accessible options for Americans outside US.
And greater variety too!

So far, we have to rely on imports and the easy graphical installers.

@ademalsasa What's the benefit of getting #Linux preloaded? Installing #Linux ain't that hard...

@realcaseyrollins @ademalsasa it can sometime be cheaper and hardware can be better optimized.

@realcaseyrollins The main benefit is not paying the M$ tax for all the preloaded, racketware that non-windoz users will erase anyway.

It's hard to find laptops without windoz and a shitload of paying software preinstalled, when you buy computers at some general public electronics vendors.


@redfrog thank you, bookmarked immediately and this is amazing.

PS: what is 'thank you' in France? I am Indonesian.

@ademalsasa Quick search returned this site.

The shop allegedly have supplied computers based on GNU/Linux distros to private companies and universities in Japan.

I'm not a user of the shop but it should be legit. Hope this helps!

Amazing, Suguru-san! Without your help, it is impossible for me to find this shop as I haven't been able to read Japanese right now (hey, I am a Kakugou player). This helps a lot, Suguru-san! Arigatou gozaimasu.


@ademalsasa I'm not aware of any NZ-based vendors selling GNU+Linux #preinstalled machines, although today I was talking to a guy at one of our bigger computer sellers who agreed that they get Microsoft marketing co-payments (kick-backs) with the understanding that they don't sell any computers without MS Windows on them... so it's anti-competitive but possibly not formalised enough to result in a proper prosecution. Too bad.

@lightweight thanks, I learned one thing! So is that how Microsoft works in all countries, Dave? If that is, that could explain more why Windows popular.

@ademalsasa Yup. It is. MSFT isn't popular, few with experience of anything else would select them. They're usually forced on people...

@lightweight that explains very much, Dave. Thanks for sharing this and I would love to know more about this.

@ademalsasa If the buyer can afford it I'd recommend them to go for System 76, Purism, Slimbook, Star Labs etc.
I would recommend the mentioned businesses for fully open laptops, if they don't want (or cannot get) MNT Reform that is.

@person thank you my friend, I forgot MNT Reform. I will include it in the next chapter.

@ademalsasa Just make sure to mention MNT isn't 100% free, memory controller and HDMI port need blobs. However I would like to think it's still a better choice since you are supporting a new laptop maker that cares about user and benefits a nee freedom friendly company.

@person hello, my friend, thank you and I appreciate so much this notice about software freedom on that computer. I am a Trisquel user myself so this is important to me.

Shared. Please start transfer of 700 TRL to my bank account on Cyprus.

There are also many resellers in the refurbished market specialized in preinstalled Linux laptops with warranty.
A nice way to reduce environmental impact while keeping freedom.

@Yop wow, nice info! If you know any, please share them with me.

I wish I'd know an easy list to share… I've only Oxfam Herstal in mind (, which sells them with Windows or Ubuntu but they don't have a webshop. Don't be fooled by res-sources website: it's a nice tool to find other second hand shops but the English translation is empty. Maybe the map on the main page can help you?
Also, at UK (which is already in your list), @libreleah sells old ThinkPads upgraded with Libreboot.

@Yop thank you, thank you very much, my friend. I'm really looking for vendors who sell computers with GNU+Linux preinstalled.

Before buying my Librem, I also saw that seller from Los Angeles, CA:
But there's no mention about warranty.

@caisa thank you very much! I forgot Insurgo and will add it on the next chapter.

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