Hello @bull500, you are the first person who reshares my list of Mastodon posts June edition. Thanks for sharing! You helped me share .

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Hello @ckeen, thanks for helping me share about ! You are among first persons to share this toot.

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Hello Mastodon Father @Gargron, I hope you see your art I use here, it is awesome to me. I could make posts I love like these ones with interesting pictures thanks to Mastodon. I am satisfied with Mastodon & I hope so for the future.

Hello sir admin @downey, thanks for FLOSS.social instance & your additions to :inkscape: :krita:, I can share with posts like these ones.

Hello my Fediverse neighbors, thank you for participating in my posts mentioned above. I am glad I find you all.

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Before I forget, this one is an important toot I have which was not listed on list above: Mastodon New Feature Wishes May 2020 floss.social/web/statuses/1042. Because finding my own post is not easy at Mastodon.

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@switchingsoftware wow, Switching.Social helps me share about Free Software. Thank you very much, I am surprised!

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Hello @kapper1224, thanks for sharing my status about Free Software. You helped me!

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@ademalsasa Nice overview!

Do you know @switchingsoftware ? He also has some pretty extent homepage with lot of nice alternatives

@aligyie yes, I know it and I admire it very much. It is a really rare diamond to me, simple but meaningful information is hard to find on the net. A few similar resources I know are: PRISM-Break.org, PrivacyTools.io, Getgnulinux.org, Pack.Resetthenet.org, and MyShadow.org. Thanks for reminding me.


@ademalsasa you're welcome, this is a really cool collection of links 🙂

@switchingsoftware ah, it is nothing. What you have on Switching.Software are more useful.

@ona wow, thank you. I licensed my articles under CC BY-SA already so if you saw my license please do share like this one and beyond. You helped me share free software. I love that.

@ademalsasa Are there other beginner linux distros (thinking of linux mint, ubuntu and ElementaryOS here mostly) that have that kind of look for LibreOffice?

@anacrypto no, I tried many and I only find Zorin to be like that.

@ademalsasa my Hit is the best your pic 2 uonder right for the pic 🤔 Debian Lovey Debian. For me the best. Sorry aim speaks not english aim german. Aim hope your anderstand me 😂 😂

@carrabelloy hello, thanks for sharing your desktop with me. I like your Debian. And greetings from Indonesia!

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