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My Mastodon Posts January 2021

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❤️ WhatsApp Alternatives Poll s.id/xxNEA
⭐ Better Than Zoom s.id/xxNKx
✅ Classroom with Telegram/Jitsi s.id/xxNOD
:verified: Saving Internet Quota s.id/xxNQy
✏️ Mastodon has LIST feature s.id/xxNSi
:kubuntu: Kubuntu Review s.id/xxN-c
:gnu: Trisquel Review s.id/xxO3X
📞 Element Basic Guide s.id/xxO9b

Hello, @redstarfish@social.linux.pizza. Like last year, I made a list of posts of the month once again. Wish you like it.

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List of GNU/Linux Distros at Mastodon | 2021 Edition

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Calculate @news Canaima @canaimagnulinux
Elementary @elementary
Endeavour @EndeavourOS
Kubuntu @Kubuntu
Lubuntu @lubuntu
Mageia @mlo
Manjaro @manjarolinux
Mint @linuxmint
MX @mxlinux
Nitrux @Nitrux_NX openSUSE @opensuse
PureOS @purism Regolith @regolith Tails @tails
Ubuntu @ubuntu
Ubuntu MATE @ubuntumate
Void @VoidLinux
Xubuntu @xubuntu

List of resources of free/libre open source software for Computer Aided Design

Open Source Architecture Community

FreeCAD Forum
Your own 3D parametric modeler

The infamous 3D animation modeler, can be used in workflow with CADs (see OSArch)

Lego, Bricks, and GNU GPL

Trusted by U.S. Military, 30 years of dev.

Post above is about . Thanks to friends @FreeCAD @CubicleNate @lps @fortifieduniverse and the others I can make such list. What do you think?

Sharing is highly appreciated.

@ademalsasa Nice overview!

Do you know @switchingsoftware ? He also has some pretty extent homepage with lot of nice alternatives

@aligyie yes, I know it and I admire it very much. It is a really rare diamond to me, simple but meaningful information is hard to find on the net. A few similar resources I know are: PRISM-Break.org, PrivacyTools.io, Getgnulinux.org, Pack.Resetthenet.org, and MyShadow.org. Thanks for reminding me.


@ademalsasa you're welcome, this is a really cool collection of links 🙂

@switchingsoftware ah, it is nothing. What you have on Switching.Software are more useful.

@ona wow, thank you. I licensed my articles under CC BY-SA already so if you saw my license please do share like this one and beyond. You helped me share free software. I love that.

@ademalsasa Are there other beginner linux distros (thinking of linux mint, ubuntu and ElementaryOS here mostly) that have that kind of look for LibreOffice?

@anacrypto no, I tried many and I only find Zorin to be like that.

@ademalsasa my Hit is the best your pic 2 uonder right for the pic 🤔 Debian Lovey Debian. For me the best. Sorry aim speaks not english aim german. Aim hope your anderstand me 😂 😂

@carrabelloy hello, thanks for sharing your desktop with me. I like your Debian. And greetings from Indonesia!

Trotzdem würde ich kein Signal nutzen, sondern andere alternativen suchen wie mumbbel oder so ist. Stehe mehr auf die Matrix, die ich wohl eher noch Installieren will und mal schauen leider oft von englischen Texten nicht immer gut zu Übersetzung und somit der Verständlichkeit leider oft daran versagt in der Form.🤔 😗

@ademalsasa the Fedora Project doesn't have an official account on mastodon


This is a very helpful list.
Thank you for compiling it.

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