Side By Side Comparison Between GAFAM and Alternative World

I tried to make this simple list of -like solution to so everybody even people without deep computer knowledge could try them quickly. This includes to Facebook, Google Drive, YouTube, Zoom, GitHub, and Twitter.

I kindly mention @Karlitschek @selea @amolith @lightweight @tobi @snopyta.

👍 Nice work. You should perhaps also mention which is a network of ethical service providers which gives more choice for people.

Also there are nice lists of open instances for most of the services you mention. This shows the strength of decentalized networks but also gives users more choice they can have based on location, values and views of the provider etc.
@disroot @Karlitschek @selea @amolith @lightweight @tobi @snopyta

@disroot thanks for giving me such valuable additions, Disroot! And I love your services a lot.

@disroot hello disroot, thank you very much for you suggestion as I added it with Chatons Entraide addition. I wish you success.

@ademalsasa it's missing Indieweb, no? 😕

Also while TG is an alternative it doesn't sit well with me. While the client may be open source it's server and service is not.

I use and like TG btw.

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