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do you know some good resources to help people find tech jobs?

as the pandemic has tanked the worldwide economy many companies have laid people off

at the same time, some sectors are growing like crazy and hiring

Do you know some resources that can help job seekers?

Resources to help with resume reviews?

Job sites specializing in remote openings?

Job sites for specific sectors?

FLOSS friendly job listings?

Post to this thread and include hashtag

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Here are some places I found helpful during my last job search a couple years ago


* @fossjobs - jobs working on FOSS

* - allows pairing values to companies


@infosec_jobs seems to post new openings every day

In October ShellCon (InfoSec) will have a career day with some amazing people running it

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Privacy, like security, requires technology that can be examined, reviewed, studied, vetted and modified. It's also a personal consideration

We need a full free and open technology stack: software, devices, data and society

is everything you think necessary for your personal freedom, privacy and security ( even things we have not yet created )

FLOX - Free Libre Open X(everything)

some days it seems like you were busy the whole day and got nothing done, then you take an unexpected day off and the next day you see how much you would have gotten done as you plow through what you missed the day you were out

Note, by not being a single point of failure on critical items my suddenly being out did not cause undue drama, trauma or bananarama

Because these are really small signals we haven't really been able to look for them yet!

But remember, #JWST just launched recently! And with JWST we will be able to start looking for atmospheres around terrestrial planets.

I'm on a team that has one of the largest amounts of time on JWST over the next year or so to do just that: determine which terrestrial exoplanets have atmospheres! This will allow us to definitively say that they're habitable or not.

#SpaceTalkTuesday 25/

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How do we measure an atmosphere?

We use a method called Transmission Spectroscopy that looks for the tiny signals from an atmosphere while the planet transits the star.

Last week I told you to imagine the planet was a solid sphere that blocked out star light. Now put an atmosphere on top of that sphere that starlight can pass through and interact with!

When light passes through gasses like an atmosphere, some light is absorbed and we don't see it anymore.

#SpaceTalkTuesday 22/

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Gmail will block all third party mail clients starting from June:

That is, unless they pay $4500 minimum for an audit :D

Stop using gmail and enabling their monopolistic practices, if you already haven't.

Tues is @SeaGL 's next all hands meeting, let me know if you'd like to help put on a nice, community run free software conference in Nov

Mtg is 18:00 Pacific (UTC-7)

2022 is our 10th year. We'd like to celebrate a decade with some new volunteers (remote OK, I'm remote as well)

Specifically, we could use help with our partnerships committee, which leads our fundraising efforts and works with our partner FLOSS organizations

gonna create a project mgt tool called Hydra, every task completed gets automagically replaced by 2 new tasks. This will be much better than current env where it seems at least 3 or 4 tasks autogenerate when something is done

Note: this post might be influenced by Monday morning catchup and MFA provider outage

0 A.D. is a free open source real time strategy game, similar to Age Of Empires. You can follow at:

➡️ @play0ad

Their website is at, the game's test version is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

#0AD #Gaming #Game #Games #VideoGames #ComputerGames #LibreGaming #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #RTS #RealTimeStrategy #Strategy #StrategyGames #StrategyGame

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that will help at-risk and censored Tor users safely use Tor?
Do you have a few minutes to test new versions of Tor Browser and report bugs?
Become a Tor Browser alpha tester! 🧅

Tomorrows job. Mute all the reference words that are polluting my timeline from those who are just auto cross posting from Twitter. Social networks are successful when you are present and taking part. Not lazily filling up our timelines from your other social network. I’ll be muting Twitter cross posts on this account and my account.

🧑📜️Shlaff (our attorney) : “Places where #copyright and contract cases co-exist are myriad. … [#Vizio] has ignored the extra element test.”

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The ninth call of NGI Assure opened up on April 1st 2021, with a deadline for submission of June 1st 2022 12:00 CEST(noon).
If you have a project idea to help to secure the #humancentricinternet @NGIZero has guidance for you

There's still time to submit.

Pepper&Carrot by David Revoy. Absolutely adore his artwork and the community David has built around a free and open source comic. I love it so much that I'm proud to be part of that community.

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Check out our new explainer video narrated by our own ED @o0karen0o
created by Chris Rogers.
We're so happy to be able to share our vision of software freedom with you in this new video!

@cwebber still closed userspace and the target is datacenter use for non-graphics

"There is code in there to support display, but it is not complete or fully tested yet."

After I didn’t find the time yesterday, I made some time today for #CuratorPrompts32
Also making use of that colorchallenge #5b7376 by @davidrevoy :D

#MastoArt #MastoArtist #DigitalArt #CuratorPrompts

Thanks to the wonderful @milan and his , our will be streamed live on PeerTube!

Saturday, May the 28th, CEST timezone:

14:00 - Real Solarpunk Technology

15:45 - Empowering Future Communities

17:30 - Is Solarpunk Just Another Style?

19:15 - What's Holding Us Back From A Better Tomorrow?

p.s. And to make clear, third party apps on Mastodon have just as much access to the platform's features as the official apps.

Twitter restricts what third party apps can do, in order to promote their own app.

Mastodon does NOT restrict what third party apps can do, in fact it's practically impossible for Mastodon to ever have such restrictions because it's an open platform.

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