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Privacy, like security, requires technology that can be examined, reviewed, studied, vetted and modified. It's also a personal consideration

We need a full free and open technology stack: software, devices, data and society

is everything you think necessary for your personal freedom, privacy and security ( even things we have not yet created )

FLOX - Free Libre Open X(everything)

@ted one of our newish people mentioned after PLUG security last night that TX LF had a lot of presence at an event he was at in the last couple weeks

just wanted to give you some feedback on your PR efforts

the event might have been in San Antonio or Dallas or outside TX as he's been traveling a bit and I don't know where he was when he ran into your info

"Buffer overflow can be triggered in Realtek Wi-Fi chips, no user
interaction needed."

No exploit for remote execution yet, but can cause a system crash.

"rtl_p2p_noa_ie in drivers/net/wireless/realtek/rtlwifi/ps.c in the Linux kernel through 5.3.6 lacks a certain upper-bound check, leading to a buffer overflow."

"Personal Online Security, Privacy, and Password Management" is coming up November 2nd at Ohio Linuxfest in Columbus

OLF is Fri the 1st and Sat the 2nd of November this year

I'm looking forward to attending my first OLF

Protect your personal privacy as well as cloud and web accounts by using unique credentials for every service. A password manager such as KeePassXC or Bitwarden enables use of different credentials everywhere is back in 2020! The Call for Papers for #cki2020 is already open, so submit your ideas for talks or workshops and join us at India's top KDE conference.

An updated version of Sebastian's Hiding From the Internet presentation to fit the changes to privacy, today.

It will include an explanation for where data brokers obtain data, how to prevent non-government officials from easily obtaining PII, and some tools to use to maintain privacy.

PSA: Some instances may have disabled mobile app support because it's not finished yet.

Any issues with mobile apps and Pixelfed are our fault and we are working on resolving the issues and bugs!

Our new #DNS service is here!

LibreDNS: a public encrypted DNS service, that people can use to maintain secrecy of their dns traffic and bypass censorship. We already support "DNS over HTTPS" (#DoH) and DNS over TLS.

RT @b_haddy: BREAKING: By unanimous vote of the city council, Berkeley adopts facial recognition ban!

GNOME-Shell Hackfest 2019 is taking place in in Leidschendam, the Netherlands, with attendants from multiple parties.

Read Carlos Garnacho's blog post about the first day.

T-shirts #peppercarrot reçus @davidrevoy

Les deux plus jeunes de la famille devront attendre un peu

As a lifelong Seattleite and most-of-my-lifelong free software person, I am *incredibly* honored to be giving one of the keynote addresses at this year.
The fourth and final @seagl 2019 keynote has just been announced. We are very excited to have @makoshark presenting -

Do you like data? Do you like standards? Do you like public good? Do you like co-operating and flat org structures and a good work life balance and not just chasing $$? Open Data Services Co-op are hiring: non-dev techie data standards roles. Fully remote. Check it out. #coop #cooplife

When computers are involved in the inputs you experience, the outputs you produce, and your reasoning process, the distinction between those computers and you blurs considerably.

Increasingly, not having user freedom means not having agency. This work is critical.

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