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Privacy, like security, requires technology that can be examined, reviewed, studied, vetted and modified. It's also a personal consideration

We need a full free and open technology stack: software, devices, data and society

is everything you think necessary for your personal freedom, privacy and security ( even things we have not yet created )

FLOX - Free Libre Open X(everything)

Tickets for #CopyleftConf 2020 will be available soon! In the meantime, you can catch some of the talks you missed at our first event here,

We are building an instance picker for!

Instance admins will be able to sign up early next week. #pixelfed

Wondering what EFF is up to? Check (and bookmark!) our calendar for upcoming conferences, member meet-ups, and Electronic Frontier Alliance events!

The error given:

"Using an older version of Firefox can corrupt bookmarks and browsing history already saved to an existing Firefox profile. To protect your information, create a new profile for this installation of Firefox."

68 doesn't seem all that much older than 71, maybe it's ESR from non-ESR

I have some specific, lovingly hand-crafted, artisan profiles

One does not simply recreate a masterpiece :)

Switching from Ubuntu bionic to debian buster and Firefox is unhappy :(

It complains about an old version.

debian: ii firefox-esr 68.3.0esr-1~deb10u1

Ubuntu: ii firefox 71.0+build5- amd64

Adjusting LastVersion in $profileDir/compatibility.ini gets it to start, now testing functionality

The reason:


profile-per-install seems like a cool feature

it also seems like a feature I want to disable unless is allows ranges

New production report about the future episode of Pepper&Carrot where I detail my recent research on drawing, #krita and workflow in general. Link →

Regular PSA on IT/Eng/Ops burnout (long) 

I've just released a simple #ActivityPub debugging tool. It's hosted on Glitch so you don't have to worry about spinning up servers or SSL certs etc. You clone your own copy of the project, set it up, and you can create ActivityPub accounts that can send any raw JSON payload you specify to its followers. I use it for testing new and novel ActivityPub objects, and to test compatibility with messages sent from remote servers without needing to create an account on them.

Are you worried about your #privacy after #Google acquired #Fitbit? If you are looking for a privacy respecting alternative I can only recommend to have a look at #Gadgetbridge and chose one of the supported devices as your next wearable.

RT @fsf
Because we all use mobile phones so frequently, Replicant is one of our most crucial High Priority Projects. Learn more about how you can contribute to this fully free Android distribution:

Do you want to see free software grow and alternatives to proprietary software thrive? We're your people! New Supporters will get their donations tripled by a generous existing donor. Check it out!

for dir in */ ; do echo "${dir%/}" ; done # Use the */ trick to get only the directories, then use ${dir%/} to remove the trailing / from each instance of $dir

We have just posted an update on how the release of #Glimpse 0.1.0 went! 🎉

This blog post also confirms that we have gone ahead with our plans to close our Patreon account and forge ahead with Open Collective instead.

Easy ways to contribute to KDE - #1203: Help migrate web pages to Mark Down: Easy ways to contribute to KDE - #1203: Help migrate web pages to Mark Down:

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