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Privacy, like security, requires technology that can be examined, reviewed, studied, vetted and modified. It's also a personal consideration

We need a full free and open technology stack: software, devices, data and society

is everything you think necessary for your personal freedom, privacy and security ( even things we have not yet created )

FLOX - Free Libre Open X(everything)

Resume reviews before Stammtisch Tuesday @ 18:00

We'll help review tech resumes for job seekers

Boulders on Southern, 1010 W Southern Ave, ,

The Free Software starts at 19:00

Our next jobs night event is career networking in April

We'll probably have resume reviews at again this year as well

Texas Linux Fest cfp extended another week until January 26th at 17:00 CST ( time )

Like many other conferences, they ended up listing multiple times for the deadline. They extended due to the confusion

requires 3rd party authentication account like GitLab or Google

requires JavaScript and XHR from Stripe to submit

Submitted a Fediverse talk to LFNW the other day, submitting one for TXLF momentarily

boosting colleagues:

Open Tech Strategies (OpenTechStrat on birdsite)
Please share: We're looking for more engineers for #opensource work. Esp: Javascript experience and experience in back-end scalability (load balancing, detecting serialization bottlenecks, etc).

/cc @lizhenry #MozillaLifeboat #DigitalOceanLifeboat

"Welcome to the very first edition of CloudNein! A conference about SRE, DevOps and Observability in Berlin that is for startups, individuals, students, etc. "

after realizing how much my web browser was spying on me, even before I visited any website at all, I said #NoToChrome and switched back to #firefox happy to see I am not alone

@ted TXLF CfP closes tomorrow night?

"Our call for papers is now open! It closes January 18th, 2020."

"CFP closes at January 18, 2020 05:00 UTC"

"The deadline for proposals is January 18th, 2020 at 11:59pm CST."

Pixelfed Circles are like group chats, you can build a Circle of close friends, family or anyone and share posts only visible to them.

It will federate with Pixelfed instances and other supported projects! #pixelfed #soon

Have any #krita questions? now exists! No login needed to ask, only to answer.

Hmm, the 3rd party CfP tool Texas Linux Fest is using requires a 4th party account to authenticate

The Over Sharing Way :(

Texas LinuxFest CfP closes Friday or maybe Saturday

CFP closes at January 18, 2020 05:00 UTC

The deadline for proposals is January 18th, 2020 at 11:59pm CST.

Texas Linux Fest 2020 will take place May 1st and 2nd at Palmer Events Center in Austin,

Developers rely on the ability to use API's without fear of retaliation to provide users with interoperability, additional choices, and modifiable software. Read more on why we joined @mozilla's Amicus in Google v. Oracle.

At last! Hopefully these proposals under consideration do become law in #Canada soon, and that countries around the world follow suit.

"Ottawa considering 'significant and meaningful' compensation for privacy breach victims"

So many firms simply don't care about personal data loss, misuse, or theft. This is grossly irresponsible. There must be strong laws to compel firms to do business ethically, and to protect the public.

#data #privacy #infosec #tech #law #Cdnpoli

Oh, look, LinuxFest Northwest talk proposals are due tomorrow ( Wednesday, the 15th )

not sure what timezone, so don't wait until last minute

is Friday, April 24th, to Sunday, April 26th at Technical Colledge in US

OK everybody, we have just 2 days to raise $17k. We have no marketing or campaigns staff @conservancy so we count on you to spread the word. Please help!!

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