Awesome Software Projects at Mastodon That I Admire

Please share yours.

❤️ KDE @kde - my computer user interface.
❤️ LibreOffice @libreoffice - my document working suite & teaching tool.
❤️ Inkscape @inkscape - my graphic design tool I use everyday.
❤️ AppImage @azubieta - my portable format to run applications across operating systems.
❤️ Tor Project @torproject - my secure & private & anonymous internet access.
❤️ GNU Jami @Jami - the new promising telephony & video call technology.

Even @kde helps me reshare. Thank you KDE, for sharing the best software collection I ever had in my life and also for this boost.

@globcoco hello, thanks for helping me share Free Software. It feels awesome.

@alcinnz hello Adrian, thanks for helping me share about Free Software. Awesome feelings!

Nice, I saw @adfeno helped me share my status. Thanks, adfeno, not only at Trisquel Forum, even here you always share about .

Do you know? Honestly I wish there is a Trisquel Mastodon official, adfeno. What do you think?


Thanks to you @stopka, I remembered that I have this post. I forgot it.

@hyde are they available at Mastodon, hyde? However, nice list.


@matrix open-source, federated chat. Includes features like end-to-end encryption, voice/video chat, bridging to other services/platforms, etc. Check out for more info.

@hyploma hello Hyploma, your reply is awesome! From your list, few ones I have not followed: Delta Chat, ProtonMail**, Nextcloud, CTemplar*, I2P, PeerTube**, Whonix**, and Guardian**. However, to VeraCrypt I still am unclear whether it is completely free software application.

*) New thing to me.
**) Glad to find them, I didn't know that they are already at Mastodon!

@frd thank you very much! For GNU/Linux distros, I have separate post here dated 8 June. Thanks to your reply, I found the new one LQDN.

@apertus yes, it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I hope I could see more about LibreOffice from you.

@frd @libreoffice

@ademalsasa @frd *waves* Hi there! We're here as well and pushing FLOSS stuff with powerful dedicated hardware. 🤙✊

@tuxedocomputers @frd I am really glad TUXEDO Computers replied to me. Thank you, I support your effort in producing GNU/Linux laptops. Please keep it up, it is useful for everybody.

@frd @ademalsasa for the German-speaking audience @gnulinux might also be interesting.


You're welcome!

I have Libre office, have used Jami for a while, and Inkscape and Gimp (+ Krita) are on my computer even though I am not using them as much as I could.

@globcoco this is what I call introduction. Love that, I also use LibreOffice and Telegram extensively everyday. I am glad I find you LibreOffice user here.


To tell you the truth and come clean here.

I'm not using it as much as before as I use now ghostwriter and sublime txt (unfortunately proprietary for the latter).

Love Markdown so much!

@globcoco I am aware about that. I do not use Sublime, so I am more curious about Ghostwriter, the free software one. How is your experience with it?

License: GNU GPLv3


It got me a bit more organized and for now I'm using it to centralize what I wrote and try to organize it.

There is a table of content that I wish I could work on directly which is not possible.

So it has its limit but it has helped me centralize my ideas.

I'm still looking for other tools though.

One that would do switch between mindmap and text and that would use markdown...

@mondcivitano thanks, I wish all my toots are useful & valuable to you.…

> should unofficial accounts count?

@michel_slm If we've exhausted the list of official free software fedi accounts, sure, why not supplement it with a list of unofficial ones! That's relevant too, if it helps people find information and discussions.
Joined just last month: @microg , welcome!

As soon as someone more capable shows the way how (I'm reading contradictory rooting reports on XDA Devlopers and other places), I will run LineageOS+microG on one of my phones, just like I did with the previous one.
I thought @libravatar had shut down but they're alive and they're on fedi!

Read more about their comeback early last year at… -- they get free domains from Gandi and free servers from Fedora.

@clacke Yes, after the announcement that Libravatar is going to shut down, a group of volunteers stepped up. The whole software stack was rewritten and we‘re happy to keep the service running. Currently we have reduced infrastructure, but we‘re working on this to enhance performance again.

@ademalsasa Remove kde from this list and maybe I'll consider respecting you :ameowMUDAMUDAMUDA:

@ademalsasa I thank you for the list, I am new to Mastodon, and these accounts are exactly what I want to subscribe to.

@stopka wow, I am glad I found this toot useful. Thanks for letting me know. Glad to find new friend like you.

@ademalsasa @kde @libreoffice @inkscape @azubieta @torproject @Jami
the thing I like most about this post is Jami. I had never even heard about it before today but it looks like my new messaging app. All of the other apps mentioned I install on any new Linux install I do so, as you can imagine, I think those are super great as well.
some other useful stuff:
kitty- terminal emulator
i3Wm -swap kwin out
ranger- file manager
castero -if you are into podcasts
mpv- if you are into music

@charlesDelaware hello charles, thanks for sharing and glad to know my post was useful. It is my first time to hear file manager named ranger.

Do you know if any of kitty, i3wm, dmenu, ranger, castero and mpv have official or unofficial community accounts on fedi?

(or if the community is small enough that the author's own fedi account is the point of contact)


@clacke @ademalsasa
I actually have no idea. My guess would be an irc channel would be more likely

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