What graphics free software you use the most? Please help me share.

Thank you, sir admin @downey. Thanks to your addition of :inkscape: emoticon at instance, finally I can make this poll.

Honestly, I wish other emoticon will be added too particularly :krita: :scribus: :kdenlive: :mypaint: :synfig: and anything else I mentioned at my Free Graphics Suite Thanks in advance!

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@redstarfish I didn't think you would choose GIMP, Starfish. I thought if it were you, it'd be Inkscape. Cool, anyway!

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Good news: now :krita: and :scribus: emoticons are available on instance thanks to sir admin @downey. I am really grateful, Sir!

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It is still under 1 hour and participants are already 70 persons. Thank you, Friends!

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It is only 3 hours and this poll reached 100 participants. Amazing. I am curious to see the final result next week.

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Hello friends who are involved in this toot at the moment, below is my desktop with free design software. It is @ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa when I wrote this toot. How are yours? Let me see.

(it is used on my latest article Ubuntu Graphic Design Suite

@JoshuaRystedt @gamayun @TaigaTiger @matt @veer66 @aeonofdiscord @squeakypancakes @bub @minx @Alonealastalovedalongthe @celesteh @abloo @lucy @rick_777 @anne @hj @mgrondin @redstarfish @michel_slm @gianf

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@gamayun @JoshuaRystedt thanks, I found new friends here. I personally use Inkscape everyday.

@ademalsasa @gamayun the two apps have different uses. Inkscape is my go to SVG editor. But I have graphic artists at my company to handle most of that.

I've used Blender and Gimp a lot in the past.
I recently switched to Glimpse (fork for name change of Gimp).

The one I use the most these days is probably Darktable.
I also use Kdenlive from time to time to make reactions gifs (actually in H264 or VP9)

@freyja_wildes really nice to hear! Amazing, I can meet Darktable user here at Mastodon.

@matt ah, happy to see you use Glimpse, Matt. Do you use it on Fedora?

@ademalsasa i do, yes. Though im using the flatpak, since Fedora doesnt package it.

@matt one more talk about Flatpak I found. Thanks, I guess you often share about Flatpak here at Mastodon?

@ademalsasa out of the different alt distribution/sandboxed approaches, Flatpak is the one to beat IMO. AppImage is good but it doesnt have a central way to update many AppImages at once (flatpaks are easy to bulk update).

I detest snaps for many reasons.

@matt thanks for sharing your experiences! I am glad to hear this.

@veer66 nice, Veer. I am waiting :krita: emoticon arrived on my instance.

@ademalsasa it's hard to quantify which one I use the most because they have different roles

@ademalsasa not much, I really want to get into it though. I tried animating in Krita but it's really not set up for it

@ademalsasa grafx2 for pixel art and doodles, krita for higher resolution artwork

@bub wow, see the new graphics design tool I found here: Grafx2, The ultimate 256-color painting program, which is GPLv2 licensed and also available at GuixSD system. Amazing, thanks for sharing.

PS: do you use Haiku OS?

@minx cool, of course! I am a Scribus user too. Thanks for sharing!


Gimp by a longggshot.

I stumbled on Gimp maybe almost two decades ago at this point and ever since I have known it as a reliable tool that on any computer is 2 mins and an internet connection away and that is really pretty awesome.

Inkscape is awesome too! I just find myself editing raster images more.

@ademalsasa I use krita because I don't like gimp that much. My biggest issue with it (krita) is that its .kra files are absolutely enormous. If you start using many layers the files quickly approach 500 megabytes.

@abloo mmmm, so it is like that. Thanks, I could learn much just from a message from you.

@fedilab Feature request! 😃

Custom emojis in polls. (see post above)

@rick_777 thanks for helping me doing feature request also to Fedilab!


@ademalsasa Darktable - photo editing. Inkscape would be second, but I do use the GNU imp if I need to do during to a picture I didn't take.

@anne wow, even I can meet Darktable user here. Thanks for sharing, it is cool.

@hj thanks, what a funny reinterpretation you have here.

@ademalsasa #Gimp4Life

It's the first I used on Linux and I'm not a graphic pro so for what I do(basic resize, some layer stuff) I see no need to learn anything else.

@ademalsasa I mean it's kinda apples and oranges 😛 I don't do 3D modeling in GNU Imp 😛

Actually I'm not an expert in Graphics. I do the minimum things. That's why GIMP.

@redstarfish that's nice! Thanks for sharing. And also, on my, now I can use :krita: and :scribus: finally.

@ademalsasa ImageMagick (I tried GraphicsMagick too which is supposed to be faster but I find it is a bit buggy)

@michel_slm hello Michel Salim, I followed your posts and especially those about Fedora. Cool, thanks for sharing ImageMagick!

@ademalsasa hello there! A fellow Indonesian? (Your blog doesn't list a country but it sounds more Indonesian than Malay, your name too) 🇮🇩

@michel_slm yes, I am Indonesian, Michel Salim. Glad to find you at Mastodon!

You want to see my desktop at the current moment? I don't have those graphic design software installed though.

Thanks for asking. I had to attach two images as I spent most of my time in terminal and that's what I see. Also left dash board shows some of the quickly accessible programs. And it only becomes visible when the pointer hover over that region. Mainly I lauch programs from terminal though so it's also rarely used.

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