@ademalsasa @Framasoft great guide, I think there's a couple of other things I'd mention though, no ads = no monetisation but also no protection against copyright claims (the yt system is horribly broken but _sometimes_ helps creators by ensuring they don't get money violating copyright). Also no "replace video" that yt I believe does have, should be listed under "cannot do".

@ademalsasa @Dashtop

Looks like a good guide. I have saved a bookmark.

The small portion of YouTubers making money with yt won't come to peertube, simply because it's their business.

I see one of this guy say :"oh that's great ... But wait what no revenue?! I'll stay on Yt then!"

@hyde great insight and I agree with you, Hyde. This is why I support mass production of GNU/Linux and today in mastodon I made this job post floss.social/@ademalsasa/10724. You can help me reshare if you don't mind!


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