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My LibreOffice Writer Guide Series January 2020 Edition (1/3)

I am writing a series of LibreOffice articles for beginners and in this January I reached 10 articles you could exercise with.

1) Starting The Program:

2) Understanding User Interface:

3) Create - Save - Open Document:

4) Working with Text (Formatting Basics):

continued to 2/3...

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My Favorite Internet Privacy Resources

(the best privacy services recommendation site)
(my first encounter to internet privacy & recommendation resources, thanks to Trisquel Forum)
(friendly & eye-catching list of privacy oriented software for all platforms)
(by sven, independent review of VPN services & list of Google alternatives)

#Google and #Facebook control over 70% of the online advertising market in 🇪🇸 Spain, which was worth €3.45 billion in 2019, according to the competition authority.

Via #PoliticoEurope

I am very happy @yorik architect reshared my post about FreeCAD. Thank you, Yorik!

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That's our boy @bitacovir (Rafael Moya) representin' #freecad

We're excited for all these opportunities to cross-pollinate with other #FLOSS projects. Onward!

@kubikpixel @Blender

By the way, @fsfwdresden is looking for good #FreeCAD tutorials for their Uni-Stick project. This is an free and opensource Software collection on an usb-stick for students ... and makers and kids in homeschooling. Https://

Yes, the #FreeCAD Meetup (with Workshop) was in a #fablab in #Dresden. Maybe someone is interessted in an Onlineworkshop?

Some encouraging news, my YouTube channel made it to 1,500 subscribers today. I use it to help explain how to use #FOSS including #Blender and #Freecad. I mostly make stuff with 3D printing and CNC routing (using the excellent #MPCNC)

Dessin 3D d'un meuble, fiche de débit et "optimisation" avec #FreeCAD et !

Il manque encore les joues du meubles, les portes (2 x 2 portes en haut), les tiroirs (2 x 2 tiroirs en bas) et le plateau.

#cutlistoptimizer #travailDuBois @travailDuBois

#FreeCAD 0.20 Development

The Part Design workbench's Hole feature can now model a true thread. Both metric and UTS thread profiles are available, with detailed options. Very cool!

Beware that this makes the feature heavier and much longer to compute.

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