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My LibreOffice Writer Guide Series January 2020 Edition (1/3)

I am writing a series of LibreOffice articles for beginners and in this January I reached 10 articles you could exercise with.

1) Starting The Program:

2) Understanding User Interface:

3) Create - Save - Open Document:

4) Working with Text (Formatting Basics):

continued to 2/3...

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My Favorite Internet Privacy Resources

(the best privacy services recommendation site)
(my first encounter to internet privacy & recommendation resources, thanks to Trisquel Forum)
(friendly & eye-catching list of privacy oriented software for all platforms)
(by sven, independent review of VPN services & list of Google alternatives)

Seeking knowledge to leverage the freedoms of GNU operating system? Learn everything from editing text, to bulk editing in BASH, to scripting. Buy the book at our shop! #GNUPress

Dieses #FLOSS #3D #CAD sollte ich mal so als Alternative oder Backup zu @FreeCAD ausprobieren:

SolveSpace - parametric 3D CAD


Did you hear the word? LibrePlanet 2022 videos have been published! Everything from command line graphic design to brain hacking. Read about their publication and check out the videos on #PeerTube.

The Free Software Awards winners were announced during this year's #LibrePlanet. Paul Eggert was this year's winner of the Award for the Advancement of Free Software. Read the full announcement at

Why GPL? "Using the GNU GPL will require that all the released improved versions be free software. This means you can avoid the risk of having to compete with a proprietary modified version of your own work." More at

Today, I worked on the contact editor in Kalendar and after adding 1700 lines of C++, I can still not create or update a contact 🙃 Good luck @claucambra for reviewing this once finished 😂

Reinstalled #Signal (you remember, new phone n stuff?)

And I really wanted my usual #Telegram stickers back.

Turns out I'm not alone:

Worked like a charm.

has anyone tried/have been using #Session?

is it the true "anonymous" alternative to #Signal they declare to be?

:boost_ok: :at_me:


入力中の個人情報が“送信ボタンを押す前に”収集されている問題 約10万のWebサイトを調査:Innovative Tech - ITmedia NEWS

Leaky Forms: A Study of Email and Password Exfiltration Before Form Submission (USENIX Security '22)

Have you checked out the latest release of Tails? You should! It brings new versions of a lot of the software included in Tails, plus new OpenPGP tools.

Also offers Mastodon instances on request. Hosted on German servers.

They have experience through their privately offered instance (, which runs great since the beginning and is always up to date.

#Mastodon-Account: @ossrox

@aral Congratulations on being both one of the oldest #Twitter accounts (December 2006) as well as one of the oldest self-hosted #Mastodon accounts (April 2017). The Twitter chapter has finally come to a close, and you will now be exclusively on the #fediverse going forward.

I get many #notifications all days long. And from various sources..

Below is an non-exhaustive list of some #communication channels I uses daily.

Work (intensive use):
- 2 self-hosted #Mattermost instances;
- 2 self-hosted #Matrix (#Synapse) home servers;
- 1 self-hosted #BigBlueButton instance;
- GitHub (notifications mainly);
- various email accounts (POP);

Not work:
- my Synapse home server
- #Mastodon (#Fosstodon);
- #IRC (, #XMPP and emails. But it's quieter 😂

Are you having trouble using Mastodon or PixelFed accounts on the official Mastodon app?

- You can use the official app for accounts on any Mastodon or PixelFed server, including servers not on the app's own list. When you're signing in, enter your server name and it will work (even if it's not on the list). Just type the server's name in full, and then your password in the password section.

- You can sign in with multiple accounts at once on the official app by pressing the account icon in the bottom right corner until it says "Add account". You can use the same menu to switch between accounts.

- To sign out of an account in the official app, select the account you want to sign out of, then go to the ⚙️ Settings menu, scroll down to the "Spicy Zone" and select "Sign out".

#MastoTips #Mastodon #PixelTips #PixelFed #FediTips #Accounts #Apps

If you want to manage your block list and mute list on Mastodon, log in through the website and then press the little V shaped button just above the box where you write toots (see the attached image).

This will cause a menu to appear, which includes managing blocks and mutes.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Mutes #Blocks

To all #framework laptop owners: What distro are you running it?

Looking forward to receive mine today, so excited!

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