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My LibreOffice Writer Guide Series January 2020 Edition (1/3)

I am writing a series of LibreOffice articles for beginners and in this January I reached 10 articles you could exercise with.

1) Starting The Program:

2) Understanding User Interface:

3) Create - Save - Open Document:

4) Working with Text (Formatting Basics):

continued to 2/3...

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My Favorite Internet Privacy Resources

(the best privacy services recommendation site)
(my first encounter to internet privacy & recommendation resources, thanks to Trisquel Forum)
(friendly & eye-catching list of privacy oriented software for all platforms)
(by sven, independent review of VPN services & list of Google alternatives)

Gajim Development News February: This month brings many bug fixes for the upcoming Gajim 1.3.1 release. The Profile window’s error handling has been improved, and selecting small images for an avatar should now work as expected. While fixing those bugs, we’ve been working on something big.

#xmpp #opensource #chat

Version 6.3 of the #xmpp #ios client #SiskinIM just got released and with several fixes (clicking on links, crashes with markdown formatting, sharing in public groups, issues with message corrections and groupchat layout)

Can I interest anyone on the #Fediverse in a FREE DRONE? It's a few years old, barely used because no one knows how it works, and it's pretty crappy 😅 supposedly there's a camera in it, but again, I have no idea how it works. We did get it to fly!

If interested I'll send it via parcel service (postal fees apply). #drone #drones

People have known #TUXEDOComputers for a long time - but do they also know the people #behindthescenes? We're changing that now and introducing our #employees again and again.
Starting with: Can - #Support

Kaidan is now on the #Fediverse!

Kaidan is the new modern #XMPP client made with #Qt. It is usable on mobile & desktop platforms thanks to the convergent UI framework #Kirigami!

Creating your own KDE Plasma Theme? Part 3 of my guide is out!

FreeCAD is a free open source 3D parametric modeller, allowing you to design real life 3D objects. You can follow at:

➡️ @FreeCAD

It's available for Linux, Mac and Windows from the official site at

It can be used for all kinds of 3D design tasks such as 3D printing, technical drawing, architecture etc.

#FreeCAD #CAD #FOSS #3DPrinting #Design #Architecture #Libre #FLOSS #Productivity #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

LibrePlanet 2021: Adopting Free Software Ideals

I will be speaking again at this year's LibrePlanet on March 20th, which will be online. This year, I’ll be talking about challenges with adopting free software ideals and the impact that it can have not only on individuals, but also on our community as a whole. This talk will be personal, drawing upon my evolution over the past fifteen or so years.

The FSF will be holding a Continued Legal Education (CLE) seminar online on March 22, the day after the #LibrePlanet2021 conference. Legal professionals, law students, free software developers: register today!

I've started publishing example config files for my Mastodon-authenticated #XMPP messaging service, using #ejabberd.

This is intended for use in conjunction with the ejabberd external auth script provided here:

If anyone wants to add this to their instance setup, feel free to hit me up. After talking @M0YNG through the deployment recently I think I've got a good start on putting together a proper guide.

We're pleased to announce Guardian Project founder and director Nathan Freitas will be joining us as a keynote speaker for #LibrePlanet 2021: Empowering Users! Nathan's work to bring anonymity to millions online is truly inspiring.

Can you suggest what resources would be needed to run #NextCloud for a business with ~50 people.

A team of about 10-20 in the office, the rest usual nomad workers (ie. home, abroad, traveling to customers).

Ask me questions as a start!

Question #1: Does anybody use #nextcloud ? It is recommended by so many people...are there are other services that are similar? I'm looking at the various advantages - or not - of something like that over just getting more space where I am now. Purposes: hosting my WP, media files for my blog including vlogs, backup storage, possibly a future server but I'm not seriously considering that yet. (Sad story: backed up all of my photos from my daughter's formative years, family and friends that have since passed, etc. to both an external drive and CDs. Over time both failed and I lost it all.)

I'm running a #Wekan service on my #Yunohost server - and to me this really helpful to keep track of the many things I need to move forward.
All of this being #FOSS, I'd love to see #Nextcloud integrate more of that into #NextcloudNotes - but right now, Wekan still is worth the extra effort to me :mastolove:

If anyone is looking for a mobile #RSS reader for #Android that is #FOSS, on #Fdroid and works really well IMHO then take a look at #Readrops

It even has #Nextcloud support if you're that way inclined.

I love me some bedtime RSS perusing.


The community team behind Kailona, a health care app for #Nextcloud is asking for help in testing! Of course other contributions are equally welcome. Get involved!


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