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My LibreOffice Writer Guide Series January 2020 Edition (1/3)

I am writing a series of LibreOffice articles for beginners and in this January I reached 10 articles you could exercise with.

1) Starting The Program:

2) Understanding User Interface:

3) Create - Save - Open Document:

4) Working with Text (Formatting Basics):

continued to 2/3...

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My Favorite Internet Privacy Resources

(the best privacy services recommendation site)
(my first encounter to internet privacy & recommendation resources, thanks to Trisquel Forum)
(friendly & eye-catching list of privacy oriented software for all platforms)
(by sven, independent review of VPN services & list of Google alternatives)

The Debian conference will continue on Monday 24 August, at 10:00 UTC - have a look at the schedule for the day

@ademalsasa I have a lot of
Tablet and install Linux over
300 devices…
The weight of the Tablet seems to pull my the rooms…

»openSUSE 15.2 is the Mercedes-Benz of Linux distributions« says FOSS Post.
Read their full review here:

" is a Ridiculously Simple Video Cutter for "

Indeed. This is really handy and something I've been looking for, for a long time. On a side note I love the fact that the segment details can be modified in a text editor since they are stored in a csv file.

Behind the scenes it relies on .

"The easiest way to make .nfo files for your /XBMC library"

One of our GSoC students made this storyboarding/animation feature and would love people to test it: Thanks!

It's a hell of a mess here, but my #Commodore128 is now actually working as a terminal for my main PC so I've effectively got three monitors now. I'm so cool. #retrocomputing

Only 5 days left to get $300 off the all-new Librem 14!

- Core i7-10710U (Comet Lake) Processor, 6 cores & 12 threads
- Up to 64GB DDR4 memory
- Output 4K Video to two displays

#freedom #privacy #security #linux


@opensuse #youtube page just added a new tutorial video about making Quality Assurance tests for your software project. Grab a coffee and follow along to learn about #openQA

Added an italic version of the Solidaric font, because the italic characters aren't just slanted versions of the regular font.

In Mother Earth from 1909 I notice at least three different styles of italic f within the same poem. Not sure if that was intended, but it looks random enough that it was probably just the typesetter running out of letters. Being a radical publication, this was probably printed on a shoestring budget with whatever was the cheapest machinery available at the time.

Maybe there is a book to be written, or perhaps one exists, about how radical publishers operated in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Monthly update: July-August 2020 Peertube authentication update, Matrix/Riot/Element simplified encryption verification, Limesurvey as an alternative to Goo Nomagic - Your life, Your data #limesurvey #services #peertube #nomagic #matrix #news #riot

wish me luck - moving to debian testing on the pinebook pro

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