What is your choice after switching from ?

Please help me share.


What is your choice if you leave ?

Please help me share.

:redhat: :centos: :clearos: :rockylinux: :fedora:

Sir Admin, @downey, thank you for the GNU/Linux emoticons you gave. Poll above made with your logos. However, I failed to add :cloudlinux: emoticon, the new CentOS alternative, Sir.

Thanks @patric you are the first person to reshare this poll. Let's share more Free Software.

@downey perfect, Sir Admin, thank you. Dear all Floss.social neighbors, now we can use :clearlinux: emoticon thanks to our generous Admin Downey.

@ademalsasa yeah I also have a few polls on, I know how important it is to boost them - As soon interraction starts it's great data. I can't vote tho, because I've never left #CentOS, I just once had a CentOS Project, which I then cancelled and build it on #Ubuntu, just because I'm more familiar there and could go through faster as I would have with CentOS.


I am surprised you didn't include Debian in there. :-)

@ademalsasa Distros that I used at least for a year are Arch, Fedora, Suse and Ubuntu. Based on that I say go for Fedora. Lots of packages, recent versions, works very well and large community. I love it!

@ademalsasa I think it would depend on the use case. On real live production servers, I'd go RHEL because that's what I'd be running anyway (I go to CentOS mainly to avoid dealing with subscription stuff).

On others, I'd go Rocky.


my project and my company abandoned CentOS on ~3000 baremetal servers to OpenSUSE. We need to be carrier grade by law.


Whatev that facken' means. Perhaps you shouldn't have chosen Linux, but instead Microsoft Windows servers or Oracle Solaris servers?

You're still putting your trust into a GPL'd kernel based OS, as if RHEL or regular SuSE SLES would have been any different?

I get the whole, "We're leaving CentOS" thing, but you haven't changed a thing insofar as the reasons you cite, IMO.

Don't get me wrong, SuSE (the German fork of Slackware) is great in all of its incarnations. I just don't think you're actually achieving anything substantively different in reality.


@tallship @ademalsasa

dunno who you think to be,

for sure, you aren’t allowed to speak this way. Hasta la vista.

@ademalsasa I am/was not a CentOS user but if I wanted to leave, I would choose Debian.

@ademalsasa Sorry, I got the question wrong. This was about the transition to CentOS Stream, right? So for servers I would say Rocky Linux would be the natural choice after CentOS. Alternatively you could always go for Debian, I guess.

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