What is your choice after switching from ?

Please help me share.

Hello, as usual, here I have a new fun poll. Hopefully this will be fun for everyone!

Thank you my new friend @2342 for boosting my poll about messengers. It is wonderful, just 1 hour and I got 100 participants!

@Lebensstrom you are very lucky. Same here and thanks for resharing, Friend!

@Lebensstrom @ademalsasa Neither did I. I've never used a single one of those centralised mobile messengers, and I never shall. All I've ever used for more than the last decade was XMPP and Matrix, each via several different clients.

This is also why I've written "XMPP" instead of "Conversations" and "Matrix" instead of "Element" because I name them after their protocols instead of after their Android apps.

@kaffeeringe hello, my Friend, I apologize I can only speak English and I understood you are using , right? I heard it is now under GNU AGPL free license.


You understood correct, it reads “I like Threema the most. But I don't know why either.”

btw: really “only english”?
How about Malaysian ? ;)

@sl007 thanks, Sebastian, for translating that for me! I am Indonesian so I cannot speak Malaysian as these two languages are different.


I see, sorry.
But then “only english” is still very polite understatement :)

@sl007 ah, sorry Sebastian. I know most of people here understand English so I use English here as my only foreign language is English.

@ademalsasa switching is pointless when almost nobody is doing the same

@eschatosoof you are right, my friend!

That's why I teach online. Then slowly, I see many of people in my country switching from WhatsApp (and switching to GNU/Linux as well as that is my course actually) as the requirement to join is one must have and . I run this since 2017. I can say it is not pointless.

Glad to share with you!

There are a few million people switching away from Whatsapp these days -- so this is a moot point.

Signal's user base increased 42-fold in one week. So yeah, please switch, tell your friends about it and see what happens.

@Mr_Teatime @eschatosoof @ademalsasa @RTP don’t forget to donate to your favorite platform if you’re jumping on it I root for xmpp, use it myself and try to use with as many people as I can sometimes, it's really pretty =) I mostly prefer native programs, so for now my favorite is Dino. I also code a bit sometimes for guys from Kaidan, but can't really use it yet.
I also happened to end up with my own lousy client while was playing with c++ -, hope to come back to it sometime

@blue @ademalsasa is it possible tu use XMPP client like Thunderbird to login Matrix account? I hardly think so. I tried using Thunderbird inbound xmpp client some time, but it didn't worked out for me. Can't remember what was the issue, but those days I have found it hardly usable

Although I never used WhatsApp, I prefer Threema, Signal, Conversations.

@Fotoente @ademalsasa long time ago. Since then I use several other messenger:

Matrix (Schildichat and element)
XMPP (Conversations)

@ademalsasa XMPP, with Conversations on Android, Dino on Linux. And soon @kaidan on both platforms.

@ademalsasa XMPP of course. With OMEMO or PGP encryption.

I use for my host server

@wauz one hello, Friend. One more Session user I found after @x. Thanks for sharing!

@ademalsasa But next time, please add an Option for #XMPP :D (lnj)

@kaidan thanks, I will try it, my friend Kaidan.

PS: I am a KDE user.

@ademalsasa I switched already 7 years ago 🙂, never missed it

@liaizon really nice to find this thread fun, wakest. And nice to see you again safe and sound.

Threema client is, server not.
And it is still a centralized closed service!

@2342 @ademalsasa oh lame. That’s a bummer so it’s the same situation at telegram then now

@ademalsasa I've used Telegram, Threema, Conversations and Element regularly and signed up to Signal for texting my WhatsApp contacts who I could convince to use an alternative and who then chose Signal.

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