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A few folks have asked how they can support the expenses of running the instance. There are not a lot of expenses right now (€10/month) but if you're interested in chipping in, you can now become a "Monthly Supporter"! Donations accepted via CommitChange, who run the free software Houdini Project to manage transactions. πŸ™‚


What free software do you use everyday the most?

Please help share.

:gnu: :linux: :kde: :kubuntu: :firefox: :inkscape: :gimp: :emacs:

Not a particularly convincing application for an account on this instance:

"looking for alternatives to facebook and twitter that don't ban you on free speech you can say what you want for what our country of the United States is founded for"


Do you maintain a #FreeSoftware project?

Taking care of proper licensing is important for you and your users. Following the #REUSE standards will take most of the load off your shoulders.

Register with REUSE Booster until 8 July to receive tailored support from us!

#OpenSource #FOSS #licensing #compliance #FLOSS

Jitsi Meet is a free and open source, multi-platform software for secure, simple, and scalable video conferences

Install: PPA repository, Deb, Flatpak and AppImage packages, EXE (Windows), DMG (macOS), Mobile apps: Android, iOS

The planet is warming due to human activities, primarily burning fossil fuels & deforestation.

is happening here & now, and is already affecting everyone. The consequences will get worse for each bit of further warming.

These are my stripes. Get yours to share at

Switching Software is a beginner's guide to help people switch to privacy-friendly FOSS apps and federated services. You can follow at:

➑️ @switchingsoftware

The guide's website is at

Thes a git for the project at

#SwitchingSoftware #Privacy #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Computing #Alternatives #Federation #Federated #DeleteFacebook #DeleteGoogle #DeleteMicrosoft #DeleteAmazon

Some days I have a hard time focusing on doing anything productive because I'm overwhelmed by how all the visible evidence points to almost all world's policy and decision makers being totally inept and/or corrupt.

I am thinking on implementing ticketing system for my office works.

Currently my team gets tasks from slack chat, email, phone from other teams.

Mine is a 2 member team now, doing all the #devops works. Will expand in some 6 months.

Which #opensource #ticketing system is good for a small team?

Allan Day is working on some exciting updates to the GNOME human interface guidelines, see all the details in his blog post

Great time to remember that your new #IRC network of choice doesn't have to fall between the #Libera vs #Freenode debate.

In fact, if you represent a project, why not take this opportunity to self-host your own IRC support/development/misc channels? Sounds like a much better way to state your ownership of the project, with much more control as well.

Can you suggest some good free and open source language learning software? I’m feeling like I need to dust off my Portuguese.

#askfedi #foss #freesoftware #floss

Instead of using Calendly to schedule your events and meetings you can switch to the #opensource alternative called #Calendso. It requires #nodejs and #PostgreSQL to get started. Another #selfhost app to try!

Check out the
#foss project at

2005 ... yet somehow it was only the most recent logo that spawned provoking the owner into action by revoking DNS admin rights. (7/7)

And let's remind ourselves of the timeline that led to the "hostile takeover", starting with the most recent addition of one of their server sponsors' logo this year, 2021: (1/7)

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