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A few folks have asked how they can support the expenses of running the instance. There are not a lot of expenses right now (€10/month) but if you're interested in chipping in, you can now become a "Monthly Supporter"! Donations accepted via CommitChange, who run the free software Houdini Project to manage transactions. πŸ™‚


Does anyone have recommendations for #FLOSS video editing software?

I've looked at Kdenlive and briefly tried using Openshot, but got no other experience.

#Patreon is putting up their prices, creators will get less of their fans' donations.

There's a free open source alternative, #LiberaPay, which is non-profit:

LiberaPay is itself funded by donations.

You can follow them on the Fediverse:


(alternative at request of reader @mjog πŸ‘ )

#Alternatives #Donations #Payment

Hey guys, first time poster here. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding entry into Gnome/GTK development?

We're doing an upcoming show discussing secondary package managers, software used outside your primary OS's main system to install software either system or user wide.

So far we have Snap, Guix, AppImage, Flatpak and Homebrew. Any other prominent ones missing?

We're not covering language specific managers such as CPAN or PyPy, nor as we covering full containerization or virtualization technology such as Docker, Rocket or Vagrant. Maybe we'll cover those in the future.

Every time I hear a nonprofit say, "we have a group", my heart breaks a little for the future.

That's a wrap on year 10! Here's to another decade of working together to use technology & to make the world a better place!

Big thanks to so many who worked so hard to make it happen.

"Children do not have ingrained prejudices. Therefore we have made this game to expose them to different cultures early so they can create a cultural bridge."

-- Indigenopoly hi-tech board game hackathon team at team

At Duane O'Brien reminds us that more than half of lives in places other than GitHub.

Think twice before you rely on proprietary platforms for your work. And before you judge people based on GitHub profiles.

At , we're listening to experts from UNESCO talk about the 2019 Year of Indigenous Languages. Kicking off a hackathon for the next 3 days!

After 6 months of effort by our talented team of contributors, we are thrilled to announce the immediate release of GNOME 3.32, "Taipei". Please see our release announcement for the comprehensive list of changes.

As a woman, I don't need to be introduced first, I want to be treated as an equal. (Paraphrasing Hong Phuc). Yes! πŸ’œπŸ’œ


" Leadership Summit is an invitation-only event for member companies of The Linux Foundation and Linux Foundation Projects."

There are hundreds of amazing & inspiring leaders that are not part of Linux Foundation member projects, and as such are not welcome at .

Echo chambers are how cultures get destroyed, folks.

This is a dangerous trend.

"If we the collective fail, we let down all of those who came before and brought us here, and those who will come after us."

-- @harishpillay at

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