We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 40! After countless hours of work from the GNOME community, this release brings many exciting updates!

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@gnome Why is #OpenSource tagged here?

I thought GNOME was an official GNU Package and using the term “Open Source” is not in accordance with GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines?

@SuperDicq @gnome GNOME has never been a part of GNU. The only relations the two ever had, was GNU endorsing GNOME.

@foreign_friend @gnome @alatiera Well maybe it should stop being a GNU package if the GNOME Foundation doesn’t care about the GNU philosophy.

@SuperDicq @gnome @foreign_friend Jesus, It never was a GNU package, and most of the GNOME software is either GPL or LGPL...

GNOME has asked many many months ago that this page is corrected...

@alatiera @SuperDicq @gnome interesting. well in any case, can't wait for it to come to Debian sid ;)

@SuperDicq @gnome @alatiera regardless of whether they are GNU or not (gnu network object model LOL) i'd wanna know who's paying for cancelling rms


While GNOME has been independent for quite some time and grew quite big as a project, and none of it matters now, at minimum; there _was_ a relationship in the past.

@SuperDicq @gnome

@maryjane @alatiera @SuperDicq

GNOME never has been a GNU project. The GNOME Foundation has repeatedly asked the GNU project to remove GNOME from their list of modules for the past two years, and didn't get a response.

@gnome @maryjane @alatiera @SuperDicq im confused... :confused: what does that exactly mean is it the old free/open source discussion? or are we talking about something eles?


Thanks for clarifying, I used the expression: "there _was_ a relationship in the past."

Instead of: It was a GNU project,
exactly to avoid stating something that might be wrong.

But yes, thanks for clarifying and the details.

@alatiera @SuperDicq

@gnome It looks great, I'm excited to start using it. Well done to everyone involved!

@gnome I am very looking forward to using it in my distro!! <3

@gnome Congratulations!!! I've been using it for over a week now, and I must say, controlling overview and workspaces is great! I never used to use workspaces, or only minimally, but now since it's so easy I *really* take advantage of them.

@gnome So happy this has come out *cries tears of joy!*

@gnome Not a GNOME user, but it looks like a very nice release. Well done!

@gnome i am a big fan of your forty presentation and videos 👌

@gnome Wow. It's stange to think that #gnome 3 was 10 years ago...

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