We are proud to announce after six months of hard work by everyone at @gnome - GNOME 3.30 - Almería! You can check our release notes out at help.gnome.org/misc/release-no Thank you everyone for your support and hard work. We appreciate you!

We've released! 3.30 "Almería" is officially available. Have a look at what's new: gnome.org/news/2018/09/gnome-3

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"KDE Applications for Everyone!" Come check out Aleix Pol 's talk at the Libre Application Summit in just 2 weeks! @kde

Hey students! Did you know you can attend the Libre Application Summit at a discount? Head on over to our website and save a few bucks on your ticket today. las.gnome.org/conferences/LAS

We just turned 21, what an amazing journey it has been! Tweet us your cool stories about working with GNOME.

If you love runtimes and , you are going to love the new developments going on right now! Check out Alexander Larsson's article from Planet Gnome: blogs.gnome.org/alexl/2018/08/

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We have another #Librem5 progress report for everyone.

"Designing the scope of the Librem 5’s communication apps" by @feeef, our Director of Creative


Just a few more weeks until LAS 2018! September 6th-9th. Get your tickets today: las.gnome.org/conferences/LAS

If you love GNOME as much as we do, then head on over to our open positions page! We might have a spot that is just right for you. gnome.org/foundation/careers/

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GNOME Software adds an incredible amount to the GNOME experience.
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well now, firmware updates to my laptop via GNOME software (and fwupd) are very nice

Congratulations to LVFS and Lenovo for completing a huge effort to bring firmware update support to some truly amazing laptops and desktops. t.co/L5Vj8rJYPa

We are pleased to receive a $400K pledge from Handshake.org ! $300K has been pledged to GNOME and an additional $100K has been earmarked for the @GIMP_Official. We are deeply thankful to @HNS for their donation to the GNOME Foundation! gnome.org/news/2018/08/gnome-f

Libre Application Summit (LAS) CfP is about to end. If you've been waiting for the last minute, this is it!! las.gnome.org/conferences/LAS/

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Alright, I proposed my LAS talk just in time. If you're considering giving a talk, SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL ASAP! There's just a day left.


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Is this a native Mastodon app and a native newspaper app? No, although it looks like it is. It is just the awesome #GNOME Web feature which can turn a web page into a desktop app. I really like it and use it more and more.

Several impressions from GUADEC 2018 are available on Planet GNOME. planet.gnome.org/

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