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The Community Engagement Challenge is happening because of donations from organizations like Endless and individuals like you. If you want to see more challenges, support the future of GNOME:

GNOME is about people. We build community through events like our conferences and hackfests, teams and working groups, and initiatives across the project. Learn more about what made 2020 special for GNOME

With GNOME Circle, you no longer have to be a core contributor to get support from the GNOME Foundation. Learn more about the apps we support:

Our new Circle initiative supports app developers! Apply online to have your app included

On Dec 2 we’re announcing the Community Engagement Phase 2 winners and you’re invited to our live event!

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We're excited to announce the launch of GNOME Circle! This new initiative supports apps and libraries that use the GNOME platform. Learn more about how GNOME Circle works in our news article:

One way to help the GNOME foundation is by setting up a campaign to raise money to support GNOME. This way your friends and family can support something that is important to you! Remember to share why GNOME is important to you! Start your own campaign today!

GNOME Foundation funding in 2020 supported a full-time GTK Developer and hackfests. As a result, we’ve made enormous advancements in our GTK development including a new accessibility interface for GTK 4, to ensure that more people can use GNOME applications, including those with disabilities.

This article from and authors gives an in-depth look at how The Community Health Analytics Open Source Software (CHAOSS) project has been developing success metrics for open source events.

In a year without travel, infrastructure support like BigBlueButton and indico have let us continue hosting awesome activities. You can help us with one more remote celebration—join our live Phase 2 winner announcement. Dec 2, 18:00 UTC!

Thank you Thursday! Today we're thanking all of our infrastructure supporters. Services from , , , , Open Source Lab (), and keep us running.

That’s a wrap for . Thanks to all our presenters for making this summit great and to all of you for joining!

Our final Keynote is about to start. Head to Track 1 for Open Source as A Model for Global Collaboration with Hong Phuc Dang.

Up next for Track 2 is Leveraging Open Source Tools for Distance Learning During Pandemic Season with Mohammad Hafiz Ismail.

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Up next for Track 1 is Kurento for Media Streaming Video Conference Solution with Andres Tello.

Up next for Track 2 is How GNOME supports multiple programming languages (the story of GObject Introspection) with Federico Mena Quintero.

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