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@tbernard @agx @KekunPlazas @dos Correction: the link is

The link above 404s. It was an example that got pasted both here and into the GUADEC slide by my mistake.

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If you're interested in GNOME Mobile development, adaptive apps, and the future of the GNOME platform join our virtual Q&A later this week!

We'll have many of the core people behind various pieces of the stack, including @agx, @KekunPlazas, @exalm, @dos, and myself.

Thursday, July 29
14:00 UTC

Thank you to all of our speakers and hosts for your awesome presentations, thank you to our organizers and volunteers for helping GUADEC run so smoothly, and thank you to all of you for joining us at ! We hope to see you all again next year at

The rest of day 5 is dedicated to open social and workshop time. All of our conference tracks are available so grab a group and hang out with your fellow GNOMEies or get some work done together.

It’s the last day of ! We’re starting with a fun social Pet Party in Track 1 at 15:00 UTC. Bring your animal companion and come say “Hi”!

The talks are over but there are more social activities to join. Coming up in 30 mins is a virtual Tour of Zacatecas - let’s start getting excited for !

We’ve reached the end of our talks, BoFs, and workshops and it’s time to wrap up ! Join us in Track 1 for the conference closing with Neil McGovern.

The rest of Day 4 is full of BoFs and Workshops. Take a look at the full schedule here:

We'll wrap up today day with the Conference Closing so be sure to join Neil McGovern in Track 1 at 20:30 UTC.

Day 4 of is here and we’re starting the day with Lightning Talks! Join us in Track 1 at 15:00 UTC.

Day 3 BoFs, Workshops, and Lightning Talks are complete and it’s time for our next social event! Join us for a Tea Party in Track 1 at 21:00 UTC.

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Today is Friday! What does that mean? A new issue of This-Week-in-GNOME is available!

👉 #2 Power-Up!

It's full of awesome news! Make sure to check it out!


The rest of day 3 is all about BoFs and Workshops! Check out the full schedule here:

Next up: Intern Lightning Talks! Join us in Track 1 and see what our interns have been up to.

Day 3 of starts with an Office Hour from our Silver Sponsor Ubuntu! Join them in Track 1 at 14:00 UTC for a Q&A.

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Flatpak, the project itself, is now on OpenCollective. If you like how far it has come and would like to see development continue please consider donating them a couple bucks.

#flatpak #linux

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