Curtail is a useful image compressor that supports PNG and JPEG file types, has lossless and lossy compression modes, and allows you to keep or remove metadata. Find it on Flathub:

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I will be mentoring someone (might be you?) this summer as part of GSoC to port one of the design toolings apps to GTK 4.

It's also a great opportunity to get familiar with gtk4-rs & librsvg ;-)

Details at:

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With GNOME 40, most core apps are going to have rounded bottom corners.

Many third party apps have already had them for a while but if your app doesn't yet, you still have a few weeks to get it in shape before 40 ;)

Relevant docs:

Temos o prazer de anunc!ar o GNOME Latam, um d!a para celebrar e expand!r nosso na América Latina! Nossa chamada de convocação já está aberta e estamos procurando palestrantes para apresentar em espanhol ou português. Todas as propostas da conferênc!a podem ser env!adas para

¡Nos complace anunciar GNOME Latam, un día para celebrar y expandir nuestra comunidad en América Latina! Nuestra convocatoria de presentaciones ya está abierta y estamos buscando expositores para presentar en español o portugués. Todas las propuestas de charlas se pueden enviar a

We're excited to announce GNOME Latam, a day to celebrate and expand our community in Latin America!
Our Call for Presentations is now open and we're looking for speakers to present in Spanish or Portuguese. All talk proposals can be submitted at

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Drawing allows you to draw or edit pictures with handy tools like pencil, shapes, text, selection, cropping, and more! This basic image editor supports PNG, JPEG, and BMP.

Find it on Flathub:

This update from the GNOME Shell & Mutter blog answers all your GNOME 40 multi-monitor questions! Learn more about what the multi-monitor experience will be and hear the background on the decisions made for these updates.

Do you have ideas on how to create great online events? We want to hear what you have to say! Join the GUADEC organizing team and help us make even better.

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Random shout out for @brainblasted who has done amazing work right across @gnome 40 adapting apps to new patterns and fixing longstanding UX bugs

This will be an amazing release and a lot of that is thanks to Chris

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Large hairline symbolics (recolorable) landing in Blanket.

We're excited to work with @kde for another year of the Linux App Summit!

You can catch 13-15 May Online.

Learn more about this year's conference at

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I just submitted a presentation application for GUADEC 2021.
If I get accepted, the goal is to have the Beta release pushed out before the event in July 🤞

The GUADEC 2021 call for participation is now open! More details on this year's , topic ideas, and where to submit your proposal can be found here:

All submissions are due on March 22.

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I got one more change in for GNOME 40: better tab completion in the file manager! It's bothered me for a while now, so I'm especially excited that I got to improve it:

Huge thanks to
for reviewing this just in time for the release!

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…and a year later @brainblasted finally got it out into the world (Thank You :-) )

Typography is another little “tool-app” from the @gnome Design Tooling Team as a companion to (Colour) Palette offering buttons to copy various css classes/characters you may need in your app/mockup

Along the way we got a couple of gtk4 bugs ironed out, thanks @exalm et al for the help with that

As ever some nice artwork from @tbernard

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