Handibox is an accessibility tool that will allow Human-Computer interaction with people who have some degree of motor disability. Through , users can carry out elementary activities such as using the Internet, writing emails, and more!

The team, Alejandro, Fabio, and Matias, seeks to integrate with other applications in GNOME and are looking for guidance from the accessibility team. They also need community help precompiling libraries like dlib.

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Rewrote most of teleport and made the UI more modern and rounded ;)

It still needs some error handling before the release.

The next GNOME Onboard Africa from GNOME Africa happens tomorrow, Sept 25, and there's still time to register!

They've lined up more even more speakers so check out the full agenda for all the details:

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Hey, if anyone is interested in helping GNOME Clocks ship new sounds, please join the Matrix channel #clocks:gnome.org!

Linux Action News covers GNOME’s 3.38 Orbis release, the upcoming versioning change, and the Extensions Rebooted initiative in their latest episode!

Listen here: linuxactionnews.com/155

BOSS: Big Open Source Sister reaches underrepresented groups in tech who want to be mentored and assisted in projects. The mentor team is composed of 11 women with previous experience in and developing chatbots.

BOSS aims to make their program scalable and replicable for other local communities. But translation is an area they could use help on. They currently need Brazilian Portuguese to English translators to help with documentation. github.com/BOSS-BigOpenSourceS

GNOME's design team has been conducting research into how people use GNOME shell. Allan shares their findings in this blog post


Athul and Sethu's project, Leapcode, offers a gamified platform that rewards and motivates first-time contributors. Projects help users contribute, learn new technical skills, interact with the community, and improve their .

The team met through an community event and are all avid contributors to open source projects!

Do you have a favorite beginner-friendly project? Share it with us and we will add it to Leapcode platform! leapcode.io/

Nintendo 64 games support, collections and improved performance - Alexander, @exalm, and this year’s GSoC students have been working hard on Games!

Check out the release details: blogs.gnome.org/alexm/2020/09/

Better privacy, fine-grained media permissions, improved UI: GNOME Web has a lot to offer with this release! Check out Michael Catanzaro’s blog post for the full details blogs.gnome.org/mcatanzaro/202

Our next project, OpenUK Kids' Courses and associated Digital Camps, teaches kids to code and learn about open source, via short animated lessons.

Backed by a team from open source and education, including Amanda Brock and David Whale, OpenUK has seen a high engagement level with girls. The team is excited to see the potential of a more diverse engineering population in the future!

Visit openuk.uk/openkidscamp to learn more!

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Sound Recorder 3.38.0 is out with a completely redesigned UI which was part of GSoC, keyboard shortcuts, cleaner code and a bunch of issues fixed along the way.
Should be on Flathub pretty soon

Now that GNOME 3.38 is live, it's time to party! We're encouraging everyone to celebrate our latest release with a remote release party.

If you plan to host a remote gathering and want to share your invite with the GNOME community, make sure to list it here: wiki.gnome.org/Events/ReleaseP

Share your 3.38 release stories and celebrations with us by tagging @gnome !

GNOME Onboard Africa starts tomorrow! There's still time to register for this remote event from GNOME Africa and learn about contributing to GNOME from their line up of great speakers.

See the whole event agenda for Fri, Sept 18, and sign up here: events.gnome.org/event/30/

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Clocks 3.38 is now on Flathub, it's mostly more code clean up & UI refinement after 3.36. You should be able to set a snooze/ring durations for alarms as well.

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🥌🥌 Geary 3.38 is out! 🥌🥌

This new feature release rolls up six months of new features, bug fixes, server compatibility improvements, and translations in over 20 languages for both the interface and the online help manual, all contributed by the community.

Major new features include support for plugins, including several plugins out of the box, cleaning up messages older than the account download preference, and more.

See the full details here: mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-


Friends since high school, Mehant Kammakomati and Sai Vittal B are the drivers of project, welOSS (Welcome to FOSS).

Inspired by the team's desire to onboard new FOSS users and keep them involved, welOSS analyzes OSS projects for contributors, language, releases, TO DOs, etc. to help users choose their next project. Based on metrics and preferences, the platform will link resources from code tutorials to communication guides to help new users.

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Speaking of #gnome, how about having a virtual London/UK beers meet up to celebrate the new release? Friday, 8:30pm, on meet.gnome.org.

BYOB from the comfort of your home! 🎉

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