GTK 4.0 is here! After four years of hard work from our dedicated developers, GTK 4.0 was released today. Some highlights from this release include media playback, drag-and-drop, and scalable lists and grids. Learn more about what's new in GTK 4.0:

@Pfunk1978 @gnome No: there will be a Gnome 40 (3.40 without 3.), then Gnome 41, 42, 43 and so on.

@Pfunk1978 @TritTriton @gnome The version number change doesn't imply any change bigger than usual. It's a number that means close to nothing...

@Pfunk1978 @gnome I haven't red anywhere about an heavy redesign and rewrite of GNOME

@shebang @gnome GTK is an awesome toolkit that can make truly great software. Instead of putting others down, maybe you should look to contribute to the ecosystem or make your own apps. Toxicity in open source communities in the #1 worst thing about them, and you are a part of the problem. If the release of a new piece of open source software from a non-profit forces you to act out in toxic ways, you should re-evaluate your mental stability.

@tristan957 @shebang @gnome How can you be mentally stable using GTK? Sometimes it’s worth it to abandon ship.

open source

Ah, now I see why you posted this.

@shebang @gnome GTK is just fantastic. Toxic people in free software projects should be avoided at all costs. You may dislike GTK, but that doesn't mean that GTK apps are terrible

@gnome when will GTK be rewritten in a good language like rust? 🤔

@gnome GTK2 EOL? Won't that cause a lot of issues?
I can see a number of notable projects still relying on GTK2 at a glance. I do not expect them all to switch to something else in a timely fashion.

@murks @gnome It's been 10 years. I mean: it's time. We're not going to do any more bug fixing or releases, but if Linux distributions still wish to ship GTK2 in their repositories, they can do that. After all, I think some distros still have GTK1.

@ebassi @gnome I think that's precisely what distros will have to do for years to come.
I wonder whether the EOL was announced beforehand, I couldn't find anything so far. I hope it's not just this passing note in the GTK 4 announcement.

I remembered vaguely that there was a11y trouble in GTK land so I read up and found your presentation:

Good to hear that you can work on that.
You wrote there that ATK was dropped, but what about the other applications that use it?

@murks @gnome We've been telling distributors that GTK2 was going to be EOL'd by the time GTK4 was released for the past three or so years, so it's not really an unexpected thing. We can't be expected to maintain 3 separate API series.

As for ATK: it's still used by GTK3, and underneath everyone on Linux uses AT-SPI, including GTK4; we just cut out the middlemen.

@gerazo @bucsi @gnome My only woe with KDE... I can't set up a keybind in spectacle for rectangle select to clip (equivalent to M-S-s on Windows...), only rectangle select to file, which makes my picture dir blow up all the time. Also, Konsole has no usable buffer retrack that could be used by outside tools.

But at least its not written in JavaScript like gnomeshell.

Escept that KDE is on version 5, and thus is automatically better! :mastowink:

Seriously though, congratulations @gnome for all the hard work and what's sure to be a great release!
@gnome @szalayricha @gerazo

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