@gnome Are you able to share the details of the claim, and your responses? I couldn't find a link on your site ... and didn't see anything in the Board minutes ...

@brainblasted @gnome @Tlacaelel i'm trying to look this up and all i'm finding is something about the recent unfortunate remarks that got rms cancelled

@carcinopithecus @brainblasted @gnome @Tlacaelel GNOME is free software, has been from the start. People claiming otherwise do not have the slightest clue what they are talking about.

PS. if you are subscribing to the 'cancellation' narrative and rms apologists, I'd suggest you read the software freedom conservancy statement as well Andy's blog post


@Tlacaelel @gnome You need to read the definition of free software again and get your head out of the gutter.


Linked directly from the fsf site. fsf.org/about/

@Tlacaelel @gnome FSF seems to consider Gnome Free Software at fsf.org/working-together/gang , not sure what you're getting at?

@kde @gnome It's great to see GNOME and KDE working together so well here!

@gnome Oh look, the patent troll is in Texas, a patent troll friendly jurisdiction. I'm sure it is a *totally legit* company and not a rent seeker.

Donating would be much easier, if it listed *any* German bank. Or if we had the possibility to punch in a BIC.

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