Hey! I'm trying to get a better app icon for Replay (the open source YouTube client for GNOME that I'm developing). I've made some progress on it, but I ended with 4 color variants... Can you please tell me which one should I use? And why?

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(the poll)

For those who chose the third option, here I share some small variations that I made playing with colors to try to harmonize better and make it less Instagram-like

@nahuelwexd the third color tone matches the fleshy warm tones typically found in youtube videos. a rectangle makes a terrible sillouette though

> a rectangle makes a terrible sillouette though

@zens 🤔 why?

@nahuelwexd same reaaon circle masks on avatars are terrible. the whole point of an icon is being able to quickly visually spot the thing you are looking for in a landscape of other stuff. the visual system that activates first is sillouette recognition, which doesn’t do much good if you’re looking for a rectangle in a sea of rectangles.

@zens Uhm... but, at least on GNOME, one is not prone to creating a sea of rectangles in their app grid

@nahuelwexd Third one is red, and red is associated with youtube, so that seems appropriate.

@nahuelwexd third one because in the examples you gave, it's the one offering the most contrast

We recommend not using poll for FOSS development, in semiAnonymous fora. They are gamed by people w links to GAFCAM and in our exp almost always produce the result that people don't like.

Blue Purple Red variant is the one we prefer, has a dim-the-lights and watch vibe. Third one is too hot. Last one is unclear.

Nice icon, BTW.

We did one for fediverse itself, for the "social links" sections on websites, too many ppl revert to the Mastodon icon, which we found disconcerting.

Check it our at (#)FediverseIcon. We call it to the 2021 BeAStar variant. You'll get a link to Wikimedia with a bunch of options. For different situation and a bumper sticker.

We are in the process of developing a (#)FediFlyer also.

Interested to know your thoughts. Made in collab' with the original icon designer.

> too many ppl revert to the Mastodon icon, which we found disconcerting.

@dsfgs that's mainly due to the fact that Mastodon is the most popular (although a lot of ppl still don't know that ever exists). But yeah, I agree that we need a more neutral icon, and the one u made looks really cool. I like the choosen colors and the shape, although I was concerned by how it will look on smaller sizes, until I opened it on Inkscape and saw that u recommends using a version with an increased stroke 🤔

Glad you liked it.

Yes, that is the caveat with slim stroke things. The wider stroke version would probably be the more widely used one on most websites, but we wanted to offer a range of treatments for those that want to be more bold.

Mastodon dominance is a problem, it doesn't help that Pleroma requires Soapbox to make it visually appealing.

Lots to do, but great to meet you here.

> They are gamed by people w links to GAFCAM and in our exp almost always produce the result that people don't like.

@dsfgs hmmm... makes sense, although at least based on the answers to the toot, this poll is currently matching with the ppl opinions

The second iteration also have the gradient, but it's far more subtle.
I'll choose the first iteration, just because the distinction is more bold with the gradient colors, than subtle.

@paoloredaelli I was planning adding PeerTube support at some point, but that would be after releasing a stable version 😅

For my own color tastes, I would suggests the second, and the first in that order of preferences. But it's true that the third option correspond more to the YouTube color scheme.

@nahuelwexd The third one looks like it's made for YT :D. Also it has better contrast in both light and dark themes, really nice!

The second looks best, but yes, third, red, youtube... sigh

@nahuelwexd @gnome the third one has a gradient very similar to the Instagram icon, I’d constantly get them mixed up. First and second also use colors that many other app icons have - I’d go with 4.

@nahuelwexd the last one. I like the dual color combo green+yellow, fresh and quite unusual. Monochrome is boring.

@nahuelwexd Number 1 for normal and number 2 for nightly builds

@lisbonjoker Huh, interesting idea 🤔

I was planning to use the yellow/black striped ribbon that GNOME uses for their apps, but what you say sounds more interesting

@nahuelwexd As a youtube client I think it should have some red in its icon, so... the third one.

@nahuelwexd third one makes the most sense due to, yknow, youtube's branding being red

@nahuelwexd I really like all of them but I think red works the best for something associated with YouTube!

I think, red is best because it has the most resemblance of YouTube colors.

@nahuelwexd The red n orange.. It stands out a little bit more and makes a more exiting feel. I don't like the upside down G arrow though. Perhaps a more playful one would be nicer? Anyway.. in all a good one.

@shellkr Uhm... 🤔 Upside down G arrow? It's intended to be a "replay" arrow, just like the one that appears when finishing a video on the YouTube Android app

@nahuelwexd Yeah, I get that and it fits the name perfectly... It is not bad but maybe it is because it is used so much it feels old somehow. I don't know.. I am just thinking aloud.. it is good but I think it might be improved even further.

@nahuelwexd Voted for purple just because there aren't a ton of purple apps. I could also see red for youtube, though.

@nahuelwexd I prefer the third one. I think the overall color diversity of Gnome app icons skewed towards blue and green, definitely needs a splash of orange and red.

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