I hope someday Vala can become more relevant and have more people using it and contributing to it.

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Today I had the opportunity to talk at least 1 time with Vala's creator, Jürg

Maybe for him it was something normal, but for me it was too much :')

"El lenguaje C está escrito en inglés" ("The C language is written in english"), a very interesting answer I found on Quora


(it's in spanish)

People seem to be too used to JS

In a Dart project that I'm in, I see pure `dynamic` everywhere, I've to walk through the whole project to know the type of things


Now that is out, in they published an article about transparent Btrfs compression, and at the end there's a little guide on how to activate it in case you have updated from 😉️


MellowPlayer is a free and open source software for listening to music from various cloud services in a single desktop application window

Install: Flatpak and AppImage packages, EXE (Windows)


Also, it could have lambdas in C taking advantage of a couple of gcc extensions 😜

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Do you think that this is a sane API for an IoC Container for C (with GLib)? 🤔

(MacOS window frame cuz CodeSnap extension)

My friend mentioned Telegram light/dark switcher has a neat animation, so how could i resist.

🎐🎐 Geary 40 has been released! 🎐🎐

This new feature release features substantial interfaces updates to support half-screen and phone displays, search engine updates, and many interface, performance, translation and server compatibility updates and fixes.

Available to download from Flathub right now, and your favourite distribution as it gets packaged.


That moment when you're so used to doing Ctrl + R to search commands in Bash, that you end up doing Ctrl + R in Firefox and... you see how your page reloads in front of you instead of the search bar appearing :')

When you write code, do you prefer to write the namespace qualification of GLib members? Or do you prefer to omit it?

With namespace qualifications / Without namespace qualifications

PSA: System-wide theming is still a broken concept.

It's been a while since I've written about it since there's nothing new to say, but yes it's still a problem and no it can not be fixed.

Old (but still relevant) blog post on topic: blogs.gnome.org/tbernard/2018/

I wonder why it's necessary to specify the language used to create the tool 🤔

It's not like that's going to change the usefulness of it at all... or is it?

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