They keep using the same link to describe that they "engaged with GNOME on the matter"... when they don't even remember the conclusions that came out of that discussion πŸ€”

In fact, I only see steps in that direction:

print ("Happy Programmer's Day!\n");

$ vala programmer-day.vala

If the user needs to configure your product before they can use it, then your product is bad.

Your product should be ready to use right out of the box

Playing a bit with colors!

The color of the button changes according to what you type in the text field

This Week in GNOME #7 "Software Upgrade" is online now!


If you want to learn more about the new GNOME Software, "Apps for GNOME", Shell (...and much more!) you should check out the blog post! πŸ‘†

Updates to Shell, Calendar, Podcasts and audiobooks readers, instant messaging... this week has been rich. Check out what the @gnome community has been up to!

Imagine for a moment that they were real and you had the 7... What would be your wish? :)

After some discussion today at birdsite, I still think 40 looks really great :)

Everything is , with just a few extensions like GSConnect, Tiling Assistant, and Sound Input & Output Device Chooser

If you're interested in GNOME Mobile development, adaptive apps, and the future of the GNOME platform join our virtual Q&A later this week!

We'll have many of the core people behind various pieces of the stack, including @agx, @KekunPlazas, @exalm, @dos, and myself.

Thursday, July 29
14:00 UTC

starting to use for their apps is an excellent opportunity to see the details that still need to be polished (and in turn the amount of documentation that needs to be written to help those who don't quite understand it)

I finally fixed the profile cover :toot:

It now respects rounded borders and does not stretch its image anymore.

It took me longer because GTK4's Picture didn't do the job well, so I made my own widget instead (which surprisingly went butter-smooth)


Solus team reverting all commits related to libhandy or even heading back GNOME apps to 3.38...

What a mess 🀦

Just for their whim of not adhering to the latest GNOME HIGs. Wonder what they'll do when it comes time to migrate to GTK 4 and libadwaita

I think I read this time ago, but today I just realized that allows to convert any type to a GValue and vice versa automatically O.o

Uhmmmm what about having a Flathub for libraries? To avoid having to become a maintainer of your own dependencies. The devs would publish their libraries there so that they are easily usable by anyone, making it easier for everyone to have the same version for OSTree to de-duplicate.

Besides, I suppose it would also be much easier to make sure that nobody has a dependency with security problems in their app because they forgot to update it.


it's official, obeying copyright is only for the plebs and proles, rich people and big companies can do whatever they want

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