Interesting boycott taking place on Nov 10, this time asking users to log out, rather than asking advertisers

@michel_slm but will people also not use other facebook products?? Facebook knows facebook proper is dying, that's why they have diversified to instagram, ect. Yet people pretend that the problems with Facebook remain only on Facebook proper. No! The problem is with facebook as a company.

@michel_slm @rysiek oh nice, already done (incl. all FB-owned properties)… glad to participate!! hahah :)

@michel_slm We need a hashtag for this

#FacebookLogOut seems appropriate. Happy to share :) ill participate by dint of no longer having a facebook account lel i deleted my account in January. I was holding out because that was the only way I had to contact some of my family

Whatsapp got deleted for good two weeks ago and I haven't touched the rest in over a decade so happy to join the protest


We need a platform that just asks for name and e-mail (mostly to confirm)

@zleap yeah. Mastodon is close to that, right? I feel uneasy with those that use phone numbers, though it does make it easy to switch (eg WhatsApp->Signal)

@michel_slm I was thinking of the site for logout facebook I support the campaign but would rather not have to give some site my details.

@michel_slm Highly recommend people do this but also highly recommend people do not sign the petition because personal info privacy reasons.

@g @michel_slm

Yeah I just saw that.

The fine print says,

"By taking action, or by signing up on this site, you agree to receive future e‑mail communications for campaign updates and from Kairos. You may unsubscribe at any time."

Note that this (a pretty cool org)

and NOT (a facial recognition software company)

@g @michel_slm

and it's a bit slimy to have a checkbox for people to opt into one mailing list, but still sign them up for another list even if they didn't check that earlier checkbox.

It's frustrating when media justice orgs don't practice what they preach :/

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