#rmlint is a filesystem junk cleaner.

rmlint is a simple tool that scans a directory or a set of files for duplicates, empty files/directories, orphaned files, and several other problematic things. After rmlint finishes scanning it creates a #JSON file and shell script which contains the to be removed files. Running the shell script deletes these files after confirmation.

Website 🔗️: rmlint.readthedocs.io/

apt 📦️: rmlint

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Next kernel update in #Mobian will have ZRAM support enabled. So, if you install the zram-tools package on your #pinephone, you will be able to test *IF* this improves performance or not. Take note that this is a RAM saving vs CPU consumption tradeoff and it is not clear if ZRAM benefits the pinephone. See wiki.debian.org/ZRam

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The real reason the right won't do anything about climate change is that they know the resulting waves of climate refugees will cause a surge in nationalism that will propel them to dominance.

Meanwhile, they're quietly positioning themselves to benefit from climate change as much as possible.

Trump and his European ilk are but a hint of what's to come. Even current refugee flows were enough to cause Brexit.

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Fortunately, while I've heard a few worrying things from some Democrats, they do still seem to be largely anti-authoritarian, as they have been since Clinton's husband left office and took his "tough on crime" bullshit with him.

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naming your router Pete and your wifi extender Repete

The #matrix server set up for #hopeconf may go offline soon, but a public Matrix room has been set up to keep the party going. Join the room #hope-2020:hackers.town from any federated Matrix server!

#Protip: "Drafts" on Mastodon

Mastodon doesn't natively support a "draft mode", where in-process toots can be saved and re-edited.

... but ... you can emulate this by setting default posting to "DM", and not filling in any recipients. A DM toot not shared with any third parties is visible only to yourself. You can then post, and delete/redraft this toot until it's complete to your satisfaction.

On devices/platforms where Web content is prone to disappear without notice (o hai Chrome Android mufferphuckerz) this may prove useful, especially where researching links / content for a substantial toot.

#MastoTips #ProTips #DraftMode

Apple reducing competition. They could’ve just… used the API or even negotiated a better deal w/Dark Sky.

But no, they bought it to deeply integrate w/their own apps AND shut down web, Android, & competing API clients—ensuring only Apple can provide the data to only Apple users

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RIP Dark Sky for Android 😭

🐦🔗: twitter.com/MKBHD/status/12896

It's amazing how even in the midst of a pandemic where mail is getting delayed left and right 90% of the mail I receive still goes straight into the recycle bin.

@o0karen0o You've listed four principles. There's a chance here to make that memorable, like the FSF Four Freedoms etc. Give it a name. The Four Cornerstones. The Four Pillars of Ethical Technology? I dunno - something catchy.

Molly de Blanc and I wrote a Declaration of #DigitalAutonomy, outlining the Principles of Digital Autonomy. We'd love to hear your thoughts: techautonomy.org/

As @markosaric said, DDG sells ads through Microsofts Bing Ads platform. Someone put a scam on Bing Ads with buzz word tags to reach many people. I don't see this as DDG's problem but as MS's problem.

If MS gonna automate adding ads on their own and their partners' platforms, they should have put a sophisticated filtering mechanism in place to catch scamming attempts.

Fun fact: I used MS's SMS Organizer to filter scam SMSes in India. It has a great filter.

This is so wonderfully funny though. US government is making all the arguments about the necessity of keeping the data locally that EU had been making in the past (with the US gov't then strongly pushing back, because of course).


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Americans Who Mainly Get Their News on Social Media Are Less Engaged, Less Knowledgeable

Those who rely on social media for news are less likely to get the facts right about the coronavirus and politics and more likely to hear some unproven claims


#decentralization Google is inescapable and they built their businesses and partnerships that way, we didn't want this when the Microsoft Antitrust trial happened we should not accept it now. #surveillancecapitalism
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@JimFl Hallo, please find the unroll here: @randfish: Holy sh*t... I'm reading through the US Congress' trove of internal Google docs (avail here:… threadreaderapp.com/thread/128

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#Amiga35Years - Amiga Inc., 1998

Jim Collas had dreams of making #Amiga a tech pioneer again, with ideas like a hardware-abstracted OS that could run the same software on handheld, game console, or pro workstation, & an online storefront for software, an "App Store" if you will.

Apparently, #DEFCON is free to attend this year (online, of course). This is kinda a Big Deal ™ for students like myself and I’m surprised to only just be hearing about it #infosec #defcon28

(The conference starts this Friday fyi)

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