uspol, private surveillance in public spaces and the "expectation of privacy" standard 

Fedora Silverblue has proven to me that it’s possible to use Linux using 99% of my apps as flatpak apps.

2015 Slack breech was still active

they've reset some passwords today

"we determined that the majority of compromised credentials were from accounts that logged in to Slack during the 2015 security incident"

does NOT imply all

keybase CTO had a negative experience due to this issue

I found a book I want to read on the Internet Archive. I can’t copy it. I must “borrow” it. This illustrates the artificiality of it all. Most of all because in Switzerland 8 have the right to make a copy for myself and my close friends and family. DRM and the artificial rules around it deny me the benefits of the digital age and deny me my rights for the monetary gain of a few corporate heads and software engineers. This isn’t right!
And already they are trying to change the law. 💰🙈

50 years ago today humans stepped onto the first non-earth celestial body

Happy 50th to the Apollo 11 moon landing

today is a great day to visit a science museum

Well that was easier than expected. Installed Ubuntu 18.04.2 on the Raspberry Pi 4, then effectively converted it to an elementary OS install. Pretty whack.

The darkest of UX patterns. Interrupt what people actually want to see (their feed) with a thing that sounds like it’s good, with a big obvious blue button that will make it go away, while uninformed users are actually “opting in” to invasive, privacy-destroying tracking.


Is this a question? Because it doesn't seem like I'm able to say "no".




Whoa, just learned that this Roman dude Marcus Terentius Varro had the germ theory of disease in 27 BC:

"...there are bred certain minute creatures which cannot be seen by the eyes, but which float in the air and enter the body through the mouth and nose and cause serious diseases."

Lucky guess? or... TIME TRAVELER?

Mozilla plans on adding a new dedicated social tracking protection component to their tracker protection system. This feature is currently under development, but is targeted for the Firefox 70 release.

@kaniini The only reason one should be looking at Gab stuff is as part of an infiltration operation. What we need to know is what they say to one another when they think they're safe, not what they say when they know anyone can read it.

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