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Linux Weekly News subscription giveaway 

I get my subscription through my @fedora contributions - dating back from when I was a poor grad student, but now that I'm on a stable financial footing I'd like to pay it forward!

For those who have not heard of it, is an excellent news source for developments around the community. Articles are eventually free for all after an initial period where they're subscriber-only.

Instructions below

in principle any important data format should survive in tact after copying and pasting. that is the future i want to work towards.

Hear hear, #GNU #Guix is 8 years old *and* version 1.2.0 is out today!

Do not miss the release song and all the niceties!

Fancy, finally an alternative to Let's encrypt!

It's always good to have alternatives around. ZeroSSL appears to be a European company that now provides free TLS certificates using the ACME protocol.

#TLS #SSL #CA #infosec #letsencrypt

The developers of Signal are currently doing a user survey:

I told them that I really like the app but also that I would like:
a) Signal on @fdroidorg
b) a proper desktop client
c) no data stored in "secure enclaves"

Maybe you'd like to tell them, too?


Guile running on Guix running on the Hurd running on a VM running on Guix running on my machine

You too could experience such joys

Holy shit! 2+ hours of this outage is crazy!

Amplify Console
API Gateway
IoT Services
Managed Blockchain
Resource Groups
Support Console
Well Architected

I would like to introduce you fine people to The 512KB Club. #512Club

On safety razors and technology, musing about proprietary vs openness in both personal care products and hardware and software platforms.

>GitHub will establish and donate $1M to a developer defense fund to help protect open source developers on GitHub from unwarranted DMCA Section 1201 takedown claims

Big shoutout to GitHub for committing to this.

If github was standing up for developers, it would have told RIAA to eff off while coming up with a better policy framework to deal with bogus DMCA claims.

Instead, github cancelled a project with no notice, and it took thousands of pissed off developers to change github's mind.

Nothing would have been done in the absence of blowback. That is not in any sense "standing up for devs".

Suggestion- maybe move code to any other code hosting platform anyways.

Why spend less than a minute building a new image with debootstrap when you can clone one you've already built in less than a second?

packer-builder-nspawn-debootstrap is now packer-builder-nspawn v1.2.0:

Now with clone and import options, still with debootstrap as fallback for when you want a clean start.

uspol, vote forward 

Letters to voters sent!

Encouraging eligible voters to exercise their democratic rights


"Don't get me wrong here: It's not a question of affording it. I can comfortably afford newer hardware. I just don't have any interest in it unless I have a need for it, and "Google can't write Javascript" doesn't qualify as a real need. I should not need modern hardware to type text - and, hey, halfway modern hardware chokes out anyway."

The End of the Blog: Google's New Bloggr Interface Is Broken:

It turns out that the reason free, open source messengers suck on iOS is that #Apple force-closes background applications unless you pay them for the privilege - which is why proprietary applications like WhatsApp, Discord and Facebook Messenger work just fine.

This means small and free actors are banned from participating.

@dredmorbius @woozle @bhaugen
Guppe could and should have moderation and privacy options, I just haven't gotten to it yet. Currently rewriting the AP core code into a modular, tested library over at, then will port Guppe over, and then it will be possible to add new features safely & easily.

I just tagged v1.0.0 of nspawn-debootstrap builder plugin for Packer:

It will build you an nspawn ready chroot that you can pack up or clone. It provides a communicator interface for Packer's standard provisioners such as shell and chef.

Watch this space for the things I'm going to do with it.

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