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Linux Weekly News subscription giveaway 

I get my subscription through my @fedora contributions - dating back from when I was a poor grad student, but now that I'm on a stable financial footing I'd like to pay it forward!

For those who have not heard of it, is an excellent news source for developments around the community. Articles are eventually free for all after an initial period where they're subscriber-only.

Instructions below

Imagine a sting operation targeting these people using ads...

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"Many FB users are tagged with the interest "Homosexuality" in countries where being homosexual is illegal and may even be punished with the death penalty"

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"Although legally not compatible (for copyleft reasons) the #AGPL is very close to the #EUPL (which covers also SaaS). The AGPL is also included in the EUPLv1.2 downstream compatibility list (EUPL Appendix) - therefore the EUPL is compatible with the AGPL: you may distribute under the AGPL a larger derivative work integrating components covered by the EUPL and by the AGPL."

Just got a Community Guidelines strike on YouTube for talking about NewPipe. The free and open source video player. Sigh...

Please remember that @PeerTube_Isolation is something we really need to keep peertube away from far right speech. Peertube isolation provides us with a blocklist you can add to your peertube instance to automatically block reported instances. This account also provides the reason why an instance was added to the list, and you can contact it in case you find a server promoting far right speech.
Be aware that I'm not the one maintening this account.

RT @Wilmer

Today is π day! It is March 314th, 2020.

Looks like Qt is over.

> The Qt Company has followed up on its plan to make long-term support releases commercial-only by closing the source for 5.15 today, earning protests from open-source contributors who say that the 6.0 release, which remains open, is not yet usable.

Small is Beautiful

Our first stream for 2021 is tomorrow.

Join @laura and me for an update on our work on @better, Site.js (, and Small Web (

Have your webcam/mic and headphones ready if you want to join the conversation in the studio.

#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech #SmallWeb #LiveStream

Quantifying Gnome contributions by frequency, tenure, and affiliated companies:

Whilst the methodology can't be perfect, it's a nice way of measuring contribution trends.

Best wishes for the new year everyone! 🙂

And to start 2021 the right way... I've deployed a beta version of my little #ActivityPub side project to permit following #Twitter users on the #Fediverse very easily (you just have to search for the user on the instance).
Before I go fully public with it, I'll need some beta testers so that I can monitor the hardware usage of my stuff, maybe run into early bugs, and maybe even run into some security issues that will end by burning the web to the ground (maybe).

If you're interested to be that kind of fearless users, being la crème de la crème of beta testers, please contact me via this status or via DM, I'll give you access to it. 😉

@irimi1 In my experience, people just seep their green teas way too long. I like light and flowery green tea. If you want to try that, I'd buy some basic Sencha (a kind of Japanese green tea), use water that's only 80°C hot, and steep for just 20s. Enjoy, then reuse the same tea and steep again for 20s to 40s; repeat but steep for 40s to 60s, or something like that. Find out what you like, of course. But if you let it steep for 3min, it's going to be very bitter.

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

#GOGLAM #lca2021 program has been released and you do NOT want to miss this: :librarian_hushing: :oa: 👩‍💻

Anyone know of an ARM64 laptop that runs Linux well, is more powerful than the Pinebook Pro, and has good build quality and battery life? I'm taking a shot at convincing one of my Apple user family members to buy something other than an M1 MacBook, and unfortunately despite the ethical issues and lock-in it is a pretty good machine, so the bar is relatively high.

I haven't done much #retrocomputing posting lately, mainly been doing car stuff, but that's about to change as I got some stuff in the post recently and the next project is ready to kick off.

I'm going to be doing some work on this "Archives PC" - which is an Australian company's rebadged version of the Pied Piper Communicator.

(Silicon Valley fans are already having a great time in this thread.)

It's a Z80 based CP/M machine and there's some info here:

We closed the gap between Stage0 and #GNU Mes: the Full Source Bootstrap is near!

The package graph is now rooted in hex0, a #357-byte binary & ASCII-equivalent

Make your distro #bootstrappable!

#reprobuilds #gnutools #NLnetFDN

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