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Come watch me and my colleagues discuss what we're working on for @fedora and at this year's @fosdem and CentOS Dojo! From speeding up to managing desktops and servers at scale, these should be fun.

Both free to attend. And our time slots should work for both EU and US attendees since we're doing this from our homes in the US.

This post is day 13 of my challenge

If the pharma companies are right and poor countries truly *don't* have the capacity to build vaccine factories, then the WTO is a failure.

The whole point was to build capacity.

If it's not there, then all the rents the poor world paid all century were a lethally squandered opportunity - they should have followed in the footsteps of America and the Netherlands and ignored the rent demanded by wealthy lands.


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Some big news to round off the trifecta of our IRC gateways: our matrix bridge is now available! You can connect to where #foo is the channel.

A big thanks to @matrix for their support - we know a lot of our communities view Matrix access as a big deal!

Hey, USA, how long does the world have to wait until you start exporting #vaccine the way the EU is already doing since months? #JustCurious


A singular desire drove the knight to the dragon's lair - no simple cave dwelling beast was the one known as Tyrsyn the Star-Devourer, instead he resided in a great tower of onyx and fire.

To the knight's surprise, Tyrsyn threw his gates open with flourish and no hesitation.

"Foolish knight," the dragon sighed, "Your journey is wasted, I have no interest in princesses thus keep none. Here's some gold for your trouble; run along home."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

fsf, metaphor 

Figures that FSF board members pushed a breaking change to the board and then marked the bug reports WONTFIX.

@hope legit this is part of what got me into programming

my dad went to UNC and one of his colleagues invented something called a "valve" which is basically a mutex that switches the flow of control in threads that subsequently attempt to lock the mutex using some very specific implementation but I could only ever get secondhand information about it

but today my dad got back in touch with him and he emailed me basically saying "what the heck is this all about" so we'll see how much i get out of this

My university seems to be continuing is slide into MS control. Can't really have a local server to host things anymore. Can't really even have my own web pages hosted by the university.

Pretty much all of the tech knowledge is being outsourced to big tech companies.

Really makes me appreciate the stuff I see at places like OERu. Which I think is largely maintained by @lightweight

Calling all beta testers!

Over 200 bug-fixes later, Inkscape 1.1beta has launched and is ready for you to test away!

Your help will improve the final 1.1 version that will launch later this Spring.

Download it here:

#inkscape #ArtWithOpenSource #betatesting

Following the good news about plan9's license change I spent the late evening reading some 9front code (including their intel wifi driver and wifi stack... yes it is small enough to read over in one sitting).

The website gives the impression that they're a bunch of anarchists having fun :flan_pirate:​ and this is consistently carried through into their C code :flan_laugh:

"You unix nerds expect me to use macros to label my constants!?! Harrharr! Here, use your brains and crunch some numbers!"

Before :flan_eyeroll:

$ time got up

Already up-to-date

1m42.63s real 0m45.63s user 0m53.07s system


After :flan_evil:

$ time got up

Already up-to-date

0m04.06s real 0m01.33s user 0m01.67s system


@tunda Absolutely. Ideas are bigger than people. But this step is big dent in the reputation of the Free Software Foundation, so IMHO they are no longer the go-to stewards of Software Freedom. We need to defend it wothout them for the foreseeable future. @polymerwitch

Fellow #GNU hackers Andy Wingo (of Guile) and Mark J. Wielaard (of Classpath, GCC, and more) share their thoughts after the decision of @fsf to reinstate RMS:

RMS, FSF, Richard Stallman 

Document foundation statement :

"We clearly expect a strong evidence that the FSF found a proper solution to the severe impact their actions have had on the global free software community. We will suspend FSF‘s membership in our advisory board and cease any other activity with this organization and their representatives, until the situation is healed."

Full statement here.

Want to help with a great FLOSS conference?

organizational meetings for the November conference have started, the next is this time next Monday (2021Mar22 @ 17:00 (UTC-7))

Last year we had volunteers from 4 continents for our first virtual event. 2021 should be hybrid, so especially need volunteers from the

Committees include PR, programming, finance, logistics, volunteers, tech

More updates! Markus Lundblad shares news and updates about Maps in time for our upcoming release:

@conservancy The FSF just also welcomed back RMS to their board. Care to comment on that?

#FSF : time to stop my membership as well.

Two questions:

- Has anyone used the FSF email alias extensively, and then stopped their membership? Does it still work for a while, so you can switch your email address everywhere?
- Where should my donation go? I'm thinking #ElectronicFrontiersAustralia, as the chair and vice-chair are both women.

Any recommendation for #feminist #FOSS organisations is welcome. Boosts OK!

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