#Pinebookpro reviewed (not by me) after 24-hours hands-on: haydenjames.io/pinebook-pro-my

This has a few handy tips for tweaks and adjustments that I will probably make to my own PBP, so it's good read for that reason.

Someone donated $5 to @conservancy today, saying it was all they could manage with their finances but they appreciate our work. I find this so motivating!

Climate, negative 

Finally found a replacement for Plex! 

This year we launched a new phone - and that's not all that happened.🙌
Want to know more about our 2019 impact? Check-out our year review below.
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#WeAreFairphone and we #DareToCare

@neal No, no the joke here is that if Mario lived in our reality of late stage capitalism he would have to labor his entire life and still be in debt for basic necessities.

2020 is the year of Linux on the Desktop because only GNU/Linux users run desktop machines anymore

It's the year 2050. Windows is an Android based OS. Compatibility layers are added so that 64 bit win32 exe files still work seamlessly. dialer.exe is finally deprecated in favor of Dialer EDGE. 16 bit MSDOS applications still run fine, ever since Microsoft realized they were compiling Windows with '# define MSDOS_SUPPORT 0' and changed it to 1. MS-BASIC support for 8 bit computers is available in the Google Play store, for legacy software. Wordpad.exe spontaneously disappeared with no trace.

Programmers should plan for lower pay jefftk.com/p/programmers-shoul

" Programmers are paid surprisingly well given how much work it is to become one... we don't really understand why programmers are paid this well, and especially why this has persisted."

Privacy policy update from Tivo. I read it in its entirety since they didn't summarize the update. The key thing to understand is that Tivo (a) just got bought (b) thinks of itself as an advertising company now.

The privacy policy explicitly states that they can and will sell / transfer every piece of information they can gather to advertising partners. What you watch, when you watch it, how long you watched it, where you watched it from, what device you used, which ads you skipped, all of it including a lot of personally identifiable information.

I strongly suggest setting your tivo on fire in a parking lot somewhere. If fire isn't your thing, get a bucket of water and give your tivo an extended and through bath. The solder points particularly need scrubbing with a wire brush.

@datatitian @guppegroups @liaizon On Mastodon's master, if you mention a group, followers of the group will be added to cc. Please try at mastodon.social.

This should allow you to implement private and direct groups, as well as public and unlisted.

Has anybody been using @GuppeGroups on a regular basis? How has it been? I’ve been using it in a thread, recently, and I wonder: not all replies ought to mention the group, perhaps? But how to decide?


Stop saying "Make this-and-that great again!" for fucks sake! Referencing Trump, a fascist, is neither funny nor okay in any way. Just stop it! #36c3

On this episode of Libre Lounge, @emacsen sits down with @technomancy to talk about programming in modern Lisp languages (including and especially -lang), making video games, and DIY keyboards!


" I think of program­ming like writing or typog­raphy—a skill that can be valu­able to anyone, not just computer scien­tists or profes­sional soft­ware engi­neers. "

-- beautifulracket.com/introducti

Nice quote

@ChrisWere Following on from my wonderment on your stream I installed the Windows Itch via Lutris and was able to install and play a game that had no linux version. I like that

Read a book description so good that I had to drop my current book and switch. "Jesuits go for First Contact" is too good a premise to resist. #amReading

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