My personal story, as a employee, of the why and how to move away from our apps. With a plug for 's excellent, recently-released The Social Dilemma documentary.

@michel_slm thanks for sharing, it's good to see someone on the inside with concerns. I grabbed lunch with my friend that works at fb a couple years ago and have been under the impression there's a lot of kool-aid and denial since then.

@tychi thanks for the kind words TyChi. There's an increasing number of high profile resignations - Timothy Aveni, Max Wang, Ashok Chandwaney among others - and some controversial firing, so the Kool Aid is probably not as strong as in the past.

At the same time we hire a dizzying number of people so new hires might not be aware of past issues or come in despite such issues...

The of the world should probably not be left unsupervised...

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