has reversed its systemic ban of mentions of . Good.

There is a debate over whether or not this was intentional. I believe it was. Whether a human specifically added to a blacklist or not, they have made quite deliberate decisions about their algorithm that serve their greed for engagement first, and the resulting low-quality dangerous information on FB is entirely predictable. Details:

@jgoerzen fascinating - I shared your post on FB (as part of a thread in which I called out their blocking of, which I'd also experienced first hand) to say that apparently FB had reconsidered their blockage... and right after (successfully) posting it... I got a notification that my *original* post with had be *re-blocked* for reasons that are not clear... Crazy.

@jgoerzen I didn't take one, but will next time (if there is one)... Interestingly, the notification is gone from my list of notifications...

@lightweight @jgoerzen Would be good evidence if the DOJ ever initiated an antitrust investigation.

@jgoerzen Like this promo! I am using it for the first time, so am eager to learn more about it.

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