I don't know what's cooler: that is a command-line client with full syncing support, or that its author will sell it to you on a literal floppy disk for $2! princess.software/order/

I love both ideas!

Reading Low Tech Magazine's thoughts on staying warm in cold rooms, very conscious that we're gonna get more and more in trouble with our energy supply every year: solar.lowtechmagazine.com/2015

And thinking about how my computer exhausts heat into The Room In General rather than to, say, the underside of my desk, to which I could then attach some kinda curtain to keep my heat around my legs

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Whoa. Incoming unsealed Facebook docs. Today's court hearing on sanctions just resulted in unsealing many redactions around two areas of alleged discovery abuse: First, Facebook's promised ADI "audit" of all apps on their platform which was ordered turned over. Stay with me. /1

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They only do it with 6 second ads, but still a very shitty move from YouTube 😐

For those who need it, here are some alternate ways to access YouTube content - github.com/mendel5/alternative

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, because the world needs more men who have come alive.” ~John Eldredge


The House district next to us is represented by Andy Kim, who has a very wholesome social media presence. Today he said "What is constant [at 9/11 events] is the sense of coming together. I’ve never seen us more United than on this day" and oh no, Mr. Kim: my half-Syrian husband mostly passes and *still* gets disproportionately pulled aside in TSA lines. Maybe we're *more* united but there's still a group of Americans that are getting united *against* today. Maybe ask a hijabi her thoughts.

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A woman who is not the new prime minister of Great Britain happens to have the Twitter handle @liztruss, and she has spent today responding to blue-checks who don’t understand how Twitter works

Years and years ago, my wife said that the most valuable thing on the Internet would become curation. Sifting the wheat from the chaff, making it easier to find the things that were best-in-class.

She wasn't wrong.

@jgoerzen at the risk of necro'ing a thread, so much of our lives are lived through computers as opposed to the computer being a tool we used. I think terminals (and to some extent retro systems in general) dont have that state of immersion. It's simpler, tends to be more immediate and task rather than attention oriented.

@ckeen @lienrag Here are some pages with ideas for :

First, my ideas for NNCP projects page here: complete.org/ideas-for-nncp-pr

Then, Sergey (NNCP author) has some ideas here:



Over at
complete.org/nncp/ there are also some more articles that may give ideas.

@jgoerzen @lienrag I love nncp, I wish I could think of more things to do with it.

@szczezuja 5/ While at the Wayback machine, check out these for some examples: gopher.well.com, cat.ohiolink.edu, gopher.sen.ca.gov, cunyvm.cuny.edu, pubgopher.dartmouth.edu, osfn.org, world.std.com

@szczezuja 4/ Check out, for instance, this copy of a preserved gopher site (http link, also accessible via Gopher): gopher.quux.org:70/Archives/mi Also the Gopher Wayback Machine at gopher://mozz.us would be a great place to spelunk.

@joeyh I just stumbled across . I guess it's built on git-annex. I can't find a description anywhere of what its purpose in life is, or how that differs from git-annex. Do you have any insight on that?

@thenewoil A gripe about that article: they enumerate some of the things it will collect and then say "oh but it will be anonymous." Like all the places that collect location data say it's "anonymized" but of course it is trivial to work out where you live, and therefore who you are, from that kind of data... as it would be from the applications a person runs, in many cases. is just not .

I used to gaze at this landscape from the top of Roan Mtn. Now I've walked it, taken it in, learned how the ridges connect. Paced out the height of the highlands.

Back in the valleys, I was struck by the insane rush of traffic, how we see so little of so much.

Uses for 11/ I hate to type "end" because inevitably I will realize in 10 minutes that I forgot some, but hopefully this is a useful set of ideas. end/

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