I read about the confrontation between "modernity" and orthodoxy in FLOSS repos and porject managemen

This is about Emacs but it can easily be generalized

I myself had to confront the "orthodox" workflow when I learned to contribute (modestly) to Guix

I see the reasons of both parts as valid

So now I'm wondering if... (continues)

YesterKitchen is a cooking channel about the history of food, with the presenter explaining the history of each dish as she prepares it. You can follow at:

➡️ @yesterkitchen

There's a focus on the origins of American comfort food, and it has a general retro aesthetic harking back to a 1950s USA.

The full selection of videos is visible at tilvids.com/accounts/yesterkit

#YesterKitchen #Food #History #FoodHistory #HistoryOfFood #FoodAndDrink #1950s #1940s #Retro #Videos #PeerTube #PeerTubers

I'm wondering if projects like this could help, in this regard


keeping the issue tracking ina git based backend would allow to keep using patches sent to mailing lists, for the lovers f that workflow

AND to use GUI based interface (web or native) for the lovers of "modernity"


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Some of the most moving TV I've ever seen. youtube.com/watch?v=bLazQ2tlhy @maddow@twitter.com reminds us "Whatever risk you were planning to take with , remember: it might not be you, but the person you love the most in the world, that gets sick. Don't take the risk - for them."

@SDF in days gone by some us celebrated "DEC 20" day on December 20 in honor of the DECsystem-20, the first model of which was the DECsystem-2020

It seems imperative that SOMETHING be done on December 20, 2020.

"If you computer doesn't have 36 bits, you're not playing with a full DEC"

What FOSS application or service do you wish existed?

Please Boost 🚀

@feditips would you by any chance have any insight on this one? Thanks!

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Freedom is the gift that keeps on giving. Read the annual Giving Guide for our latest recommendations on tech gifts for your friends and family that promote #UserFreedom, not the interests of a "big tech" monopoly: u.fsf.org/377

@renatolond The Twitter-Mastodon Crossposter site is showing up only in Russian for me today. Thanks for the service, by the way!

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Secret surveillance courts. Crappy Internet speeds. Police searches and seizures of private data.
We cover these three problems--and what we can do about them--in our new podcast, "How to Fix the Internet."
Listen today: eff.org/how-to-fix-the-interne

🐦🔗: twitter.com/EFF/status/1329944

How is everyone following their interests in ? I've tried setting up pinned hashtag searches, but the columns only support 4 search terms each and don't work on mobile, so that's unwieldy. Any other suggestions?

Have you seen the apps you can use with #Mastodon? See mstdn.social/apps for more info!

Well, for , I'm . Looking into and the finally. and are damaging to democracy and it is time decentralize the large social networks.

I like to talk about , , , , , you name it. Thanks @downey for hosting this server.


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