O. Westin writes excellent microfiction where each story fits into a single toot. You can follow at:

➡️ @MicroSFF

The stories often have a science fiction or fantasy theme.

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This article sharpens many good points about design over function, the correlation with the tech review industry, and its damage to the environment. "The New Pornographers: An Analysis of consumer tech review media " components.one/posts/the-new-p (appalling page-flip UI aside, I guess)

@jgoerzen @LovesTha @Claire 3. Facebook’s own employees gathered evidence they say shows Breitbart — along with other right-wing outlets and figures including Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, Trump supporters Diamond and Silk, and conservative video production nonprofit Prager University — has received special treatment that helped it avoid running afoul of company policy. buzzfeednews.com/article/craig

Community Standards/Guidelines usually have something about mentioning alternetive platforms to move people away from the platform. This rulr may go unnoticed because Facebook and Twitter (social media duopoly) won't make such warnings or take action when link for one another was mentioned in a post.

YouTube has the same rule and does give strikes to channels if host tells people to go to Twitch for livestreams.

has reversed its systemic ban of mentions of . Good.

There is a debate over whether or not this was intentional. I believe it was. Whether a human specifically added joinmastodon.org to a blacklist or not, they have made quite deliberate decisions about their algorithm that serve their greed for engagement first, and the resulting low-quality dangerous information on FB is entirely predictable. Details: changelog.complete.org/archive

@Claire It's sort of hard to wrap one's arms around "conscious decision aginst Mastodon." Is it possible that a human decided to block joinmastodon? Sure. Do we know for sure they did that? No.

What we DO know for sure is that they are laser-focused on profit-chasing and eliminating competition. They have tuned their algorithms for maximum profit, regardless of the social good of that, and that is an intentional choice. Anti-vax nonsense spread so widely, but not this - not an accident.

@jgoerzen in late 2020 I posted something about federated networks and included (in a comment) instructions on how to join a mastodon server. Last week FB finally got around to censoring that, allegedly for "violating community guidelines" regarding "disinformation".

@jgoerzen Interesting. So Andrew Lee of freenode (insanity) fame and facebook are using the same definition of spam.

Anyone else seeing this? I made a comment that included "joinmastodon.org" and got this from Facebook.

@jgoerzen Off the top of my head: this post - octodon.social/@yhancik/106897 and similar in Russian - mstdn.social/@kawaiier/1068836 But there were others.

A year or more ago there were reports that #Twitter shadowbans posts with joinmastodon.org link, and potentially also with fediverse.party. It didn't show such posts to friends of posters. Unfortunately, I can't test it out since I have neither Twitter, nor Facebook accounts. But if true, it's a badge of honour 🤘

A single Bitcoin transaction consumes more electricity than the average American household does in two months. digiconomist.net/bitcoin-energ

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