We're proud to share the release of GNOME 42! After months of hard work from all our teams, this release brings many improvements and exciting new features, like dark mode!

Learn more about all the changes in in our release notes:

@gnome Congratulations on the new release!

Do you have any plans to start posting your videos on a PeerTube instance?

finally, the answer to life universe and everything.
congrats !

@gnome @fredericbezies

on dirait un clin d’œil a une certaine boite portant le nom d'un fruit

@CyRo @gnome

Ah, bon :)

J'avoue que je n'ai fait aucun rapprochement ici !

@gnome Cool! Can you change the touchpad scrolling speed? That would make it usable.

@Troll le 42, c'est l'année où tu l'auras sur Debian 🤭

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