Another exciting update coming with GNOME 3.38 are new designs for the screenshot and sound recorder applications. Spoiler: they look great!

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@bilelmoussaoui Thank you and Kavan for the awesome redesign on Sound Recorder, and thank you @exalm for very neat UI enhancements on Screenshot!

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@gnome @bilelmoussaoui most of the Screenshot redesign is by @brainblasted, I only fixed up and merged it.

@gnome the screenshot tool design seems to be taking cues from the @elementary one—which is good, they have a knack for beautiful UI design!

@aperezdc @gnome @elementary Actually Tobias and I prototyped the design of Screenshots almost 2 years ago. Couple weeks later elementary also was looking at redesigning their app and we stumbled in a similar UX by coincidence.

@alatiera @gnome @elementary cool, I didn't know about the earlier mockup. At any rate it's great to see small tools get polished, which makes the overall user experience feel more “finished”.

Also in the end IMO it doesn't matter much where the inspiration comes from, and it's positive that different desktop environments can copy good solutions from each other 🦾

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