:covid19: 📰 TODAY: Stockholder and international will be introducing resolutions at the annual shareholders meetings of and , demanding they their for global equity to help speed an end to the

Presentations to be made by the Director-General of and others.



💉💰 makers took BILLIONS of dollars in public funding. So why are they keeping vaccines from lower-income countries?

🗣️ Join in calling on and others to and help end the .

:boostsOK: if you agree.

@downey Gov's need laws/constitutional amendments that government funding creates open access.

@downey In LMICs people are more convinced by NON mRNA vaccines. The inactivated vaccines or protein subunits-based ones are more welcome. So, I would re-direct the call to support more those manufacturers like #VALNEVA and #Novavax. Just a suggestion .... :yoda:

@CarpaccioDiScienza Maybe, but I haven't seem strong data either way. What I do know is the distribution + promotion systems aren't yet in place (funded) to convince people to walk many hours each way to get a shot because all the (scarce) money is going to the manufacturers.

@downey If you mean by "strong data" that are from the LMICs, then this is hard to have. The transparency is near zero. Most collected information came from efforts done by non-gov civic underfunded vaccine communication and acceptance agencies in the MENA for example. There are several published papers on PubMed the methodologies are "meh".

@com @downey I thought one of the vaccine makers already did open source their recipe. Didn’t Moderna do that?

@bojkotiMalbona @downey

Merck seems to have donated royalty-free licensing of molnupiravir, an antiviral used to treat COVID-19 patients to the UN Medicines Patent Pool. Pfizer did the same shortly after with another antiviral, paxlovid. Well done them!

Can’t find any of the vaccine recipes with the same kind of deal.

@downey @bojkotiMalbona

It’s just a crazy waste of resources - these people could be researching new treatments instead of being forced to reverse engineer the Moderna vaccine!

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