👏🏼 Stop 👏🏼 Encouraging 👏🏼 Tech 👏🏼 Monocultures 👏🏼

"....throughout the history of we have a pattern of putting all of our eggs in one or two baskets. But eventually a company needs to make money - so they start boiling the eggs in the basket ... If open source is a garden then we keep planting ourselves in sand and hoping the tide never comes in.



"More generally, I believe that development should return to its roots as a movement guided by moral principles. Doing so would help the open source community set better boundaries, which would in turn improve software quality, funding, and working conditions. Without a moral center to give developers a spine, they’ll continue to race to the bottom to please corporate interests."


@downey Good article. There needs to be more awareness not just of VC co-option but of ideological actors and geopolitics. It's an unfortunate time in history but with the right firewalls and extreme vetting, communities can at least maintain a functional level of decentralization. #opensource #decentralization #foss

@downey "Do you believe that a company that asks their employees to cut corners won’t ask open source projects they sponsor to hack around problems?" 👏 👏 👏


That's what free software is about : there's a big chance that it will be visible, and that other people/structures involved in the project will react.

While the Internet is made of cats, the world is made of humans so theoretical solutions are not necessarily what will actually happen, but the legal framework of free software encourages good behavior...


@downey Completely agree and to support the morals, I don't even use the term 'open source', 'FOSS', or 'FLOSS'.

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