A busy weekend.

Attached is my post to the member forum on Friday.

Enough is enough.

It's long past time the board exercised their duty under Article VI Section 7 of the bylaws and vote him out. I understand that they have tried before but failed. But by now, his behavior is doing serious harm to the public interest the public charity is chartered to support.

Many other folks have also cancelled their memberships over the weekend.

@downey Cancel culture seems to work well, better than trying to debunk the arguments of your opponents in a honest way at least.

Sorry, but 30+ years of offensive, immoral, harmful behavior that has done immeasurable harm to the free software movement doesn't get a pass.

@downey If you want to go against him for actual harmful behaviour (like this, assuming that it is true https://twitter.com/aprilaser/status/1173750767586426880) then feel free to do so. Kicking him out for voicing his own opinion and because you lack basic reading comprehension is not ethical however.

> that has done immeasurable harm to the free software movement
I do not believe that the opinions of one dude can harm the free software movement.

He was not removed for his opinions. He was removed for his decades of harmful immoral/amoral behavior that harmed the FSF and MIT.

Ah excuse me then, I thought that he was removed due to the whole Epstein thing - or that it at least affected it. Apologies if I got this wrong and that this just happened to be a massive coincidence.

That was the latest (final) in hundreds or thousands of documented cases of inappropriate public behavior.

@downey Which brings me back to https://fedi.absturztau.be/notice/9n0wHTW8ZCZe8ZKRV2 - for anyone with basic reading comprehension this was not inappropriate behaviour (plus it was not public either - it was posted in a private mailing list).
Since there were "hundreds or thousands" of documented cases of inappropriate public behaviour, why not try attacking him over these instead? That would be much more ethical.
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