Not sure if I just missed the commentary, but did anyone else notice that the commecial by @lunduke released on YouTube is basically a copycat of the K-mart "Ship My Pants" commercial from several years ago?


I guess we shouldn't really be surprised, since their whole concept is simply taking others' work, repackaging, and reselling it.

@downey @lunduke Your comment suggests that's something bad, but I don't think it should.
Everything is a remix

@etam @lunduke
Remixing is good.
Giving credit/attribution to upstream is better.

@downey @lunduke Isn't that kinda what you're supposed to be able to do with free software though?

@downey @spacekookie

Are you implying there's no value in what Purism is doing?

It takes work to set up the services.

I would probably have bought Librem One had it been released this time last year, but I've now set up my own services using free software.

I think selling convenience and Free Software together to individuals who don't have the time, know-how, understanding, or interest to set up their own Free Software services is worthy of being admired as a principled action to bring Free Software to the masses.

@downey @spacekookie did they remove copyright notice on any of the client software they used? or server software for that matter.

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