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Adrian Cochrane @alcinnz

Open source's nature is to fade into the background and go unnoticed except by those whose work touches it directly. It is the plankton of computing. We all breathe, but few of us stop to think about where the oxygen is coming from.

-- "Producing Open Source Software" by Karl Fogel

"People tend to focus on what they're good at, even if it might serve the project better to spend a little time on something that suits them less."

I think this is a strength of mine. Coding and UI design is what I enjoy, especially the more it involves problem solving. But at the same time I have not been afraid to do other tasks like designing a logo for it.

Because it's not my speciality, it took me a longtime to create my logo (which you can see as my avatar here). It took me along many dead-ends, and I greatly appreciate the feedback I got from friends and family. I barely knew what I was doing.

But in the end I'm extremely happy with the result. And I've got a friend who does this professionally has said his clients don't usually have near as nice logos when they show it to him.

@alcinnz I like doing support/community building but I am so bad at this

@charlag I haven't gotten any success here, but if that's your case I'd recommend this book.

@alcinnz so will foss try to steal my secret krabby patty formula?