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Don't get me wrong, computers can absolutely help us regain our environmental efficiency. They just *aren't*.

Not as long as we're:
* constantly syncing everything to the cloud,
* expecting same-hour delivery,
* funding our clickbait via surveillance advertising,
* buying a new phone every year,
* using AIs because they're cool rather than useful,
* running bloated software & webpages,
* buying into "big data"
* etc

Computing is environmentally cheap, but it rapidly adds up!

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Maybe it's just because this is where my interest lies, but reading a few takes on how to Fix The Web yesterday I really think a major issue are the discovery hueristics we use. Their incomprehensibility and shallowness promotes the bad and buries the good.

There's PLENTY of good links! Otherwise I'd be wanting to tear The Web down rather than just JS...

I created Odysseus to explore some partial solutions, but I'm keen to see others address the problem from a different angle! Links? Advice?

Woah I just discovered that you take any collection (of audio) on and subscribe to an rss feed version of it in a podcast player/podcatcher!

heres a rss link for the one I just tried with if you want to try yourself

@dredmorbius @meena
There are several inherent problems with systems design that current patterns handle poorly:

- Network effect inherently amplifies majority voices disproportionately
- Work flows are designed to minimize labor costs, rather than being designed to make labor meaningful
- Designing systems to handle novel situations is difficult and most system designs incorporate minimal effort
- Asymmetric attention and capture by capital are the inevitable consequences of inaccessible design, but accessibility is rarely a first class citizen in system design

These apply equally without respect to the degree to which the systems are mediated by computation. While codes of conduct, for one example, are generally written to address current issues, there are a million and one ways in which effective implementation is defeated

These design challenges may not be solvable, but those are the most prominent areas that require effort if someone wants to make the claim that they're working towards equitable systems

Surprised that my changes to the SDL2 wiki got approved this fast.

I made the website's appearance a bit more bearable, with *at least* a decent contrast and readability, + mobile support.

This is really interesting. This QML library developed for PureMaps abstracts over KDE Kirigami, Sailfish Silica, and Ubuntu Touch Components.

functional programming is when you write something and it works on the first try

i swear that 90% of the reason people remember the 6502 and Z80 with such affection is that getting them to do anything useful took so much effort that once people had, they felt a sense of achievement that hasn't been possible since... because everything since, from the 6809 onwards, has just been so much easier to program ;-)

the same also applies to the 1802, i suppose - maybe even more so, given its... er, stately progress through machine code

Does anyone know how to make libcurl quit complaining about not finding a valid cert, i.e. put some certs in a place where it's looking so that it will shut up on NetBSD? I say "libcurl" and not just "curl" because I'm getting these messages in Viking when trying to download tiles from OpenCycleMap.

Reply only if you know this on NetBSD. I'm not interested in where the store is on other OSs. This means you, Linux users.

@PINE64 Is it possible to make more than one PinePhone OS available from a single sd card? Can Grub or Lilo be used for this? Or something akin to Ventoy, which can be used to make a boot USB with multiple live OS options?

#PinePhone #Grub #Lilo #Ventoy #BootMedia

@alcinnz @syntacticsugarglider In Python async functions were originally normal generators, but later they became special generators
marked as coroutines, as new constructs like await for and await with were added.

Haven't looked up how await for works actually. I guess it'd have to take a generator (normal) that yields generators (coroutines)? I dunno.

hey so uh, do i know anyone who's Experienced at making documents Screen Reader Friendly? would you be up for having A Chat/walking me thru some stuff? i have a mixed Hebrew/English document with a lot of tables and i'm not finding useful info just by searching

Just switched from ERC to Weechat (terminal). ERC wasn't performing well enough and was kind of buggy. I might check out the Weechat plugin for Emacs later.

Also, I started using Castor and Asuka for exploring the Gemini web. Castor has an early lead for my favor, but Asuka might grow on me still. And similar to above, I may try out Elpher later.

I really like Gemini space a lot.

“This is just sloppy work on the part of WhatsApp and a typical example of what happens when companies don’t think about abusive relationships when they’re making their design decisions." - EFF's @evacide on the loophole letting abusers track their victims

This is cool because (1) less tricky code to maintain in wlroots + single code-path (2) better support for our non-systemd users (3) we can share all of this goodness with other Wayland compositors

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wlroots has dropped all of its session code in favor of libseat!

Next up is Weston, it got initial support for libseat a few days ago.

The design of having a bunch of people sharing one discussion space kinda made sense with IRC when you had to be online to see what was discussed. In modern discussion systems where you can go back and read what was said while you were away, I don't think this design is appropriate. Even a chat with 3 active users is hard to keep up with, let alone chats with thousands of users. AFAIK Zulip is the only chat system that does this right by imposing a two tiered organization of streams and topics.

* Skylighter (Haskell) - for my own Amphiarao debugger. Because syntax highlighter will be inarguably vital for auditory legibility of code.

Sure it helps visually, but there's questions of whether that's just becaused we as developers are used to syntax highlighters.

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