Yeah sure changing the copyright notices is to make sure the project remains under LGPL.

Fediverse, is anyone aware of some technical projects that could use developer-facing documentation written over the next couple days? I need to make new technical writing samples for a position I applied for. Sadly the stuff I've previously written is all either long-gone on previous employers' servers, end-user documentation, or otherwise unavailable.

This is how static-site blogging generally works. You have a directory of text files and images on your laptop, you push a button, and BAM your website is updated.

Compare to Wordpress, where I log into my remote site and edit posts. If I want to get those posts onto my laptop, I have to take special action, repeatedly—even though I *composed* the posts while sitting at my laptop! Bonkers.

(Let's make social media work more like that first case, 'k?)

more and more i'm wondering how i can encourage sustainable wellbeing in my little side project.

gotta respect the garden games.

Ok, so I have a tweet that's getting kind of popular on birbsite and I want to share the essence here too:

A guy tweeted that MySpace had lost all the music uploaded to it from 2003-2015. " An entire archive just... gone, forever."

So... this is your periodic reminder that uploading stuff to a website isn't an archive.

What a refreshing take on FLOSS sustainability and company involvement. No need for big budgets and fast growth, we just need enough to get by and have fun doing open source in the long term. It seems obvious, but it's not a view I read about very often. #LWN

"If Open Source Isn't Sustainable, Maybe Software Freedom Is?" Didn't catch Bkuhn's talk at #SCaLE17x two weeks ago? Well, you're in luck! The video is up now.

Trade, and business, should be a win-win for all involved. People pay a fair price for stuff they need. Everybody is better off.

I know this is idealistic, but it's an important concept. Business people who aren't working towards this goal are probably not people you want to do business with.

(And all of this applies to both sides of the employer-employee relationship as well.)

This stuff is all just structured sharing and collaboration. But all systems have parasites...

My sons college is forcing students to use proprietary Adobe products like Illustrator and Photoshop and this really pisses me off. Any school should offer their students the possibility to use free and open source software and with #Inkscape, #GIMP, #Krita and #Blender there are excellent alternatives available.

#FLOSS #Adobe

"The FAA, citing lack of funding and resources, has over the years delegated increasing authority to Boeing to take on more of the work of certifying the safety of its own airplanes."

This trend occurs world-wide in many industries, as right-wing parties push for less regulation and lower taxes, to move faster.

The immediate easily measurable time to certifty, the "cost of compliance" is reduced, however the later downstream "cost of non-compliance" is forgotten. The true cost later.

Why we use progressive enhancement to make (2016)

"There seems to be a common belief among front-end developers that progressive enhancement is either old fashioned or has simply been replaced by single page applications. This is a problem of perception. We’d like to explain why we use progressive enhancement to build GOV.UK."

"Google hit with €1.5bn fine from EU over advertising"

This is the third fine in 2 years, totaling up to 8 billion euros but still some people think that Google wouldn't engage in anti-competitive practices with Chrome or restrict adblockers.

Does anyone have recommendations for #FLOSS video editing software?

I've looked at Kdenlive and briefly tried using Openshot, but got no other experience.

>Keep data secure with Gmail confidential mode (beta)

Enjoy a false sense of security while Google feeds you lies that increase their proprietary stranglehold on email and you KEEP USING IT BECAUSE YOU HATE ARE A FREEDOM-HATING PIECE OF SHIT

Is it just me who finds it scary that a version of a browser can get its defaults rolled out to users *gradually*?

I mean, once I downloaded the browser, does it phone home to fetch defaults? I don't like this, not one bit. Change my defaults on install/upgrade, not behind my back sometime after.

Small & Medium Enterprises can't afford to take unnecessary risk, so they would even let Google filter their own, internal uploads to ensure safety from #article13 violations.

Our urgent public letter to MEPs was signed by over 130 EU IT businesses:

@polychrome this seems like a bad deal for everyone except copyright lawyers and Google

game developers are gonna make less money
game publishers are gonna make less money
players aren't gonna be able to play the games

... but you can't pirate it, I guess

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