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Maybe it's just because this is where my interest lies, but reading a few takes on how to Fix The Web yesterday I really think a major issue are the discovery hueristics we use. Their incomprehensibility and shallowness promotes the bad and buries the good.

There's PLENTY of good links! Otherwise I'd be wanting to tear The Web down rather than just JS...

I created Odysseus to explore some partial solutions, but I'm keen to see others address the problem from a different angle! Links? Advice?

@Wolf480pl @alcinnz @freakazoid @enkiv2 @dwaltiz Design *for* committee is nearly as bad as design *by* committee.

@fitheach @alcinnz @codesections That's true, I think the big thing I'm noticing though is that ActivityPub is making it so you can follow many different content types which is good if you like everything in one place but you have the microblogging posts pushing all of your articles, audio, and video content into oblivion. We need a way to separate them somehow so we can have the best of all worlds. I suppose for now though and RSS reader that integrates Fediverse sharing will suffice.

helpful website and possible youtube alternative 

Creating a lot of servers these days 🤓 Today after my DNS server I'm trying out kibou a #rustlang #activitypub server to see how it compares to #honk

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As a FOSS dev, I'll admit to a certain level of arrogance and selfishness, but I think "not listening" is a bit of an oversimplification, no?

Correction: 5.13g is not what 28 trees absorbs in a year. Rather the WebsiteCarbon calculator reckons that 28 trees worth of carbon is what emits in an average year, based on that per-page footprint.

I think YouTube is bizarely conflating entirely seperate ideas.

They conflate discovery, hosting, and artistic community into monopolistic tangle, and there's no reason for this. And they conflate medium with domain/subject, thereby encouraging creatives to shape their content to fill Google's container.

I think we'd go farther to decentralize YouTube if we addressed these issues in multiple seperate projects!

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Yeah, developing for yourself is fine, as long as you're honest about it.

It guarantees that there will be at least *one* real person for whom the software is well suited. Possibly more, if there are people similar to you.

OTOH, if you develop for an imaginary model user you don't know, or for a statistical user aggregated from metrics, it's likely that there is no single person who would be happy with the choices you make this way.

The approach to content by RSS and microblogging platforms differs both by approach and scale. My RSS feeds are limited to about 60 sites, and most only have a handful of articles every day. Keeping copies of that data isn't unfeasible. On the other hand it isn't unusual for people to follow thousands of other users on microblogging platforms, sometimes with each doing hundreds of posts per day.

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@nitox wait Does it #TIL. Thank you for the info 😉.
I use Chrome mostly because of Sync, But I am slowly moving away from it to Firefox.

TCP over TCP, because anything but port 80 is firewalled.

Reminder that #Kotlin is a fantastic language if you fancy yourself some Rust 🦀 but work in enterprise / :android: development

"Change is not a sprint, but change is also not a marathon, it's a relay."
- #YanceyStrickler, founder of #Kickstarter, interviewed on #TeamHuman. I highly recommend this episode, one of the best for ages.

#NoteToSelf: point out to #DouglasRushkoff that according to the #WebsiteCarbon calculator, the Team Human website currently results in about 5.13g of CO2 emissions every time someone visits it:

Apparently that's roughly the amount of carbon that 28 trees absorb in a year.


My follow up post explaining why I chose gopass is now live. Feedback is always welcome.

... and there comes Chrome with integration with HaveIBeenPwned, claiming "password protection".

... a thing Firefox had for a week already, if not more.

To bolster the credibility of the IPCC, the government invited a team of international experts. They are now resigning with some pretty scathing criticism of how the IPCC operates.

This is a huge setback for Lam and her cabinet.…


YouTube walkout advice / hot take 

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