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Maybe it's just because this is where my interest lies, but reading a few takes on how to Fix The Web yesterday I really think a major issue are the discovery hueristics we use. Their incomprehensibility and shallowness promotes the bad and buries the good.

There's PLENTY of good links! Otherwise I'd be wanting to tear The Web down rather than just JS...

I created Odysseus to explore some partial solutions, but I'm keen to see others address the problem from a different angle! Links? Advice?

Limitations in Windows 10X:

- There is no systray and currently Win32 processes in the background will pause (so say, you get into a Mumble server, you minimize the window, the chat drops out)
- Explorer.exe, CMD.exe, PowerShell, etc. are only in the Win32 container, and have been hidden away from the user. They should be easily accessible from Windows Terminal — but it refuses to work for me, for some reason.
- You cannot ask for administrator permissions.
- Things that require (kernel space) drivers, like WinCDEmu or DRM/anticheat tools, will fail to install.
- I cannot find any way to get into advanced startup. Might be possible, but I wouldn't count on it.

Pretty reasonable overall, particularly for mobile devices – just don't expect it to be as hackable as your average OS, for better or worse.
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For my own uses, I'm now implementing a time tracking app that integrates nicely into elementary OS's dock. So I don't have to regularly pull up a full-blown GUI (or worse, webapp) whilst contracting!

Hopefully that'll help get me to be better about tracking my time...

This'll be rough, but if anyone wants to help add some polish I'll be happy to add it to the elementary OS AppCenter. I've already git it on my git server at

Everytime I find a new way to live with less, I feel inspired.

@thearabcynic you'll stick around websites that are well built and that can definitely be to your advantage yeah :)

@neauoire see the reason I don't wanna get a pinebook is the shitty web experience. but that's also an upside cause I'd browse "bad" websites less and just browse websites less in general

@thearabcynic yeah, it definitely helped with focus since everything took twice as long aso I had to really REALLY need that information to spend the time. I started using for all my internet searching.

@thearabcynic honestly, just fine. I learnt a lot about services and apps that runs best on low power devices. It changed my habits a little. I had to port some of my js stuff to pure C so they run faster.

Reward the behavior you want or even the intent to behave the way you want. That's the only provably effective way to change things at every age group as long as you're dealing with humans (and most mammals)

Everything else is just to just pretending you're doing something meaningful. That's why "War on X" is a racket

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I need to do some basic arithmetic on this, but there’s a chance we didn’t cut our AWS bill by 50% but instead cut it by over 75%.

Got 2G in 10 minutes.

Pretty good but could be better, I wonder if google just doesn't care about the speed and putted me on a meh server.
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The music-for-airports approach to generative composition is unreasonably effective.

Like, okay, great. You got your 4th order markov chains and your sophisticated grammars, but I'm going to go over here loop a bunch of notes at different rates and let it play.

Downloading this Google Takeout reminds me of downloading FullHD movies on a ADSL connection.

Fediverse, who’s a good domain registrar? Good as in, ethical, practices privacy, and aren’t based in the US?

My team is hiring. If you are a Black person in tech and either of these two job listings remotely describe you, DM me. I will put your resume in front of my boss.

Note: this is the legal cannabis industry in California.

GitHub really needs to provide better insight into fork activity.

Whenever I stumble across a stagnant or unmaintained project, it's pretty much impossible to figure out if there are any active forks 😕

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