ineffective ways of promoting free software:
- scolding people for not inconveniencing themselves

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re: fsf shit 

re: fsf shit 

Anyone have any experience with Google's Incremental DOM?

I'm toying with the idea of using it as a compiler target for a front-end project.

CC: @nolan because this seems like something you'd have Thoughts on

@puffinus_puffinus When your science teacher told you that red, green, and blue light "combine" to make other colors, that was a half-truth. Light rays of different frequencies don't "mix" and form a new frequency - i.e., when red and green light are both shone into your eyes at the same time, there is no yellow light in the equation. It's just your eyes processing both red and green light at the same time

The reason this happens is your rod and cone cells can't determine when signals are coming from one or multiple light sources, and the signal from red and green light is identical to the signal from red light

This is what people mean when they say "magenta doesn't exist" - there is no frequency that corresponds to magenta light, it only exists as a composite of red and blue light. Since they're on opposite ends of the spectrum, there's nothing actually between them - it's just your red and blue cells being stimulated and your brain fabricating something for it

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I don't want a "modern" HP omnibook, I want a "new" HP omnibook.

Stick it with the same 486 processor, give it an SD card or four for storage. Maybe 16MB of RAM, and a serial port. Mmmmmmaybe a USB 2.0 port for removable storage.

That's it. That's all I want.

Until then, I'll keep using this one.

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It's #GreenFollowFriday!

Inofficial Account of #FridaysForFuture Vienna: @FFFViennaUnofficial

Plattform that supports different #climatejustice groups and movements: @By2020WeRiseUp

"Radical Resilience" is a film project about the effects of burnout within our social or environmental movements: @radicalresilience

Solidary agriculture in the region of #Landshut in germany: @regionalkollektiv

Have a nice global #weekforfuture!


My creative partner and I are setting up our #OpenCollective page. Whether the role in our project is copy or code, we're basing cost estimates and payouts from contributions for our labor at $15USD/hour

The project involves updating 3 games from the end of the golden era of play by email to play over ActivityPub. The first milestone involves creating a gateway for the games to replace the role of the mail server and bespoke web services of the original games and refactoring the games to generate JSON instead of HTML for the gateway. The goal is to eventually federate all aspects of game play, administration, and development on an ActivityPub network that gateways an acceptable amount of traffic to the Fediverse

I actually think that "proprietary software" (the opposite of #FOSS) is quite bad - it's not unethical in and of itself... but it creates a power imbalance that almost inevitably results in unethical behaviour by the developer against the interests of the user. Usually exploitation at least, and often hostage status. Details: Proprietary developers don't like to hear that... but, well, that's what it is.

@lightweight I see proprietary software as unethical on the basis of creating this hostage situation. Those who know better intentionally choose to pin people in a position where they can better manipulate. That's why I see it as intrinsically unethical.

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The concerns of the young protesters are justified. We call on the governments to take immediate and effective measures to protect the climate.

The #Scientists4Future statement: #ClimateStrike #AlleFürsKlima @gretathunberg

Why go on strike to fight climate change 1/n 

Why go on strike to fight climate change 2/n 

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