List of Free Software CAD Resources

Sharing is very appreciated.

Open Source Architecture Community

FreeCAD Forum
Your own 3D parametric modeler

The infamous 3D animation modeler, can be used in workflow with CADs (see OSArch)

Use Blender for CAD Purposes (see OSArch)

Lego, Bricks, and GNU GPL

Article above about is a collection of resources made and maintained by community and friends

@osarch (Open Source Architecture Community),

@FreeCAD (the libre software all in one CAD),

@blender (Blender 3D software),

@yorik (FreeCAD professional architect & developer),

@CubicleNate (openSUSE and LeoCAD user; without him I would not know LeoCAD),

and many others.

Thank you very much for all your great efforts!

I am very happy @yorik architect reshared my post about FreeCAD. Thank you, Yorik!

@mmu_man thank you very much, my friend! I forgot this sweet diamond.

@ademalsasa great little summary, good work. Remember also @mepy_solvespace which is useful for 3d solid modeling. That Ubuntu wiki page of engineering software is very old and out of date on a few things. I tried to get edit rights but no luck yet.

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