Hello brave souls :)

now has follow buttons, and I'm almost done implementing unfollowing. Then I'll check how difficult it is to generate Push activities for .

I'd like to work faster, dedicate more time to ! I finally applied for some funding. If I'm lucky and get NLNet funding, I can do dedicated full-time work on ForgeFed for a whole year! If you have ideas for other such organizations that have relevant funding programs, please tell me :)


Ah, one more thing! Friday 7PM UTC we have a project jam in the Peers community, and everyone is welcome to join!

IRC: on Freenode

ForgeFed tasks you can help with: Check out the open issues and the forum topics, write feedback. Ask questions, to let us know what's missing in the docs. Hack on MCFI and Vervis. Look into initial ActivityPub support in existing forges such as CI and .

Also, just have nice chat and inspire each other :)


@forgefed Or let's at least spread the word! Thank you for your very important work! 💗 :blobcatcoffee:

@yunohost It's my pleasure and I want to do more! And thank you for *your* work and I hope we can have federating forges in Yunohost :)

@forgefed Another possible activity is to try the demos :) Demo 1 is about ticket comments and demo 2 is about opening tickets. IIRC ^_^ Demo 3, coming soon, will be about Push activities (and will also allow to follow repos, projects and tickets).

@forgefed What is "vervis" and where do I find it? Is it a protocol? Library? ActivityPub server?

@forgefed You use it as a hashtag like it's a well-known thing, but this is the first ever toot about it. You are not good at this social thing, and that is scary given your objective

@remram44 are you feeling frustration? If yes, would you like to share?

@remram44 I've written about Vervis here before, actually. Perhaps you missed those toots. Anyway, Vervis is a forge I'm developing and using it for prototyping and demonstrating forge federation :)

(Vervis is hosting its own code, and its current UI may be difficult to navigate; but you can `darcs clone` the repo URL)

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