@tfb Nice! Would be interested to hear your feedback. I was disappointed by the .

@rgggn @tfb For me Gnubee was a hit. Using it every day for backup and CCTV. The latest mainline kernel available thanks to Neil Brown. Runs encrypted with six cheap 2.5″ disks.

Though folks have different use‑cases so for sure Gnubee’s design choices aren’t universal e.g. suck for encrypted 4k media center.

@mastoabed Glad to hear that! I kind of bricked mine & I think I will need a debug cable to bring it back to life. Most of my frustration with the GnuBee is due to the lack of reliable info & documentation. I mean, there's some documentation but it's such a mess. A lot of it seems outdated and full of broken links & typos. Of course I know I should contribute instead of just complaining, but that has really been discouraging me. @tfb

@rgggn @tfb Alas, Gnubee documentation is inconsistent and confusing. Important information is on its issue tracker and mailing list. If I manage to setup Guix System on my Gnubee I will write a comprehensive manual for it.


@mastoabed That would be fantastic! I feel there's a need for more tutorials and information from the community. The bad documentation makes it look like the project is abandoned. @tfb

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