The application idea (the media application thing) of episode 7 is great.

I honestly think that the free movies, books, music,... would follow when something like that gets made. The FSF might even push an idea like that.

Are there no plans at all to restart that project?

@rmw You should ask @emacsen but I think he would say that it'd be fairly easy to rewrite and restart. Then he'd likely ask for your help.

@emacsen @librelounge
I wouldn't mind to try to help.
I am also going through college,
but everyone has some free time so I think that I could make some time for this.

@rmw @librelounge I'd be happy to talk to you about it. My responses over the next few weeks (3-4 weeks) are going to be very slow or non-existent as I'm having surgery that will keep me from being able to type for at least a week, but I had a pretty clear idea on what to do.

@emacsen @librelounge
My finals start in the beginning of June so it is easier if do it after them if that's possible. I am probably done with my finals after 4-5 weeks.

Health is important so take your time.
Good luck with the surgery!
@emacsen @librelounge
I will be done with my exams on 20 June. I still find it a great idea so feel free to let me know more after 20 June.

@rmw @librelounge Great!

I was actually just thinking about this yesterday and came up with a very simple way to provide synchronization across clients in a way that doesn't require a central server. In other words, no central agent would be required to store all your personal data, and you'd still be able to synchronize your media across all your devices.

I don't think that's the starting place. Let's just come up with the absolute simplest version and then build up from there.

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