This week, I've tagged a·muse v0.2.0. This version brings mainly books and shows books/series that films or TV series are based on. This has, however, been a big changeset for me, as it includes slight changes to UI, initial attempts at caching, 2 new translations, and more.
There are known limitations concerning the based-on functionality and searching books in Inventaire.
Also, API has been moved to v0.3.0.
Full changelog can be found at - 1/2

I have also tagged gott v1.1.0. This, in turn, has been a really small change.
As I can see there is still no readme and I haven't included gott in my latest toot.
Gott (which can be found at is a microframework for error handling in Go, which follows the Railway Oriented Programming. - 2/2

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