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“The BBC's US partner CBS News rates both races as toss-ups. Results are due within hours, but if it remains close a final outcome could take days.”

Oh please not again

Know what's worse than Dia tests failing and not knowing why?

Them suddenly passing

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@bilelmoussaoui We’re four days in 2021 and you already deliver awesomeness.

That’s a very useful app, thanks for all the work you put into it 🚀

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#phosh in numbers 2020:

commits: 759
distinct authors (incl. i18n): 40
releases: 18

Thanks everyone!

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What do we want? Sushi-as-a-mime-handler-as-a-service!
When do we want it? Resident at login!

Down with Eye of GNOME and Videos-as-music-player

PHP8 is a thing

Own up who let the PHP team see Rust and TypeScript? You know what they are like

Bezier bounding box calculation: *works correctly*

Me: I don't like it

I don't even use go and somehow I've got a 2GB of some random package cache

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Throw in .var, .cache & .ccache and very little of this disk actually stuff I particularly care about

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.local & .config make up 51% of my /home usage

And that's after I cleared out ~50GB of rubbish

I'm starting to see why people don't keep the same install going for 4 years

When you want to use all the fancy features in an app you maintain

But you haven't ported it to gtk3 yet

Person: Casual comment on the constitutional status of the Isle of Man

Me: *enters nerd mode*

Well lets see how long this lasts then

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