In danger of going full Attlee: Maybe we should just start nationalising stuff.

Logistics and test tubes seem like a good next step, we've already done rail

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Blimey. Took me a bit to get what you were on about. Sorry, mate 💚. Let me fix that:
if your native language is proper English, you ought to join this team

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Daaamn. It’s *August* 29th. Why is it so cold all of a sudden? 🥶
Oh, it must be because **String Freeze** just started!
If you’re not a native English speaker, now is the time to translate #GNOME into your language. Head over to and join a team.

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If anyone has some programming contract work they need done, please let me know. I have experience with Rust, Python, C, Go, Java, and JavaScript, and I primarily do frontend work. I can create designs if needed.

Well this must be one of the most USian things I've seen for a while:

‘Built My Own X-Ray After a Hospital Charged Me $69,210.32’

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The world needs to change. I want to change it for the better. But I can't stop thinking about how little power I have to actually help people.
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My GitHub Sponsors profile is live! You can sponsor me to support my open source work 💖

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And now with custom widgets as well. The buttons are just examples, it can be anything, works the same way as in GtkPopoverMenu.

The widget that creates pages from sections of a single model won't be public; it's just a prototype for how AdwPreferenceWindow will work with this.

Doorbell Status Update:

Everything works™ on the breadboard just need to handle events better & transfer to perfboard and solder

Actually mounting a button outside remains a problem (how to get cable through the wall…)

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The #GNotification / #GApplication side went smoother than expected (thanks Philip!) so chatty and calls will show different LED feedback in upcoming releases: once #glib 2.70 is out.

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Illuminated models Mark I:

Card isn't that solid, LEDs are bright. Walls shouldn't glow but they do. Oops.

Wires stop the model sitting flat (this isn't on a baseboard). Maybe try ribbon next time.

Good news is it works and nothing got burnt

vscode asking me if I trust the authors of a workspace consisting of a single text file…

I am the only person to have touched it

…so that'll be a no

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I’m really excited to join the board! I will do my best to help the @gnome Project and Community to blossom 🚀

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Congratulations to our newly elected board members, Thibault Martin, Alberto Ruiz, and Philip Chimento!
They will be joining continuing members, Robert McQueen, Regina Nkemchor Adejo, Felipe Borges, and Ekaterina Gerasimova in the next term.

Me, this morning: Yes! Finally rain and cooler after a couple weeks of melting

Me, 8 hours later: Oh no somewhere is probably flooded by now

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