Anyone else had Gaddafi's daughter asking for investment advice? Bit of a weird spam technique

Seems someone has been collecting emails from git again

Ah just noticed how you add alt-text, noted for later

Authentication Required
Reading other users' problems requires authentication

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A few GTK4 widgets, 3d transformations and css...

For some reason video uploading doesn't work right now, so see for a video.

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"Oh the irony using github, a proprietary platform for your FOSS shit"

Plot twist, it has been GPL all along!

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ableism, fsf bs 

@AgathaSorceress Oh fuck it's the top HN comment, "he's autistic".

So. Fucking. What.

Argh, I'm upset by this.

Just noticed type hints are creeping into python docs - Nice!

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0 days since accidentally going to flathub dot com instead .org

I (second time lucky) published a new g-s-t today

If you know what that is, enjoy my madness

If you don't…

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So my venv is broken because I've got a space in the path, which breaks shabang because of some quirk in exec(2) that someone at Berkly thought was a good idea (or overlooked) back in pre-history

To think for years essentially every day involved “what has POTUS done now”

Now I can't say I've looked at what they've done in weeks. As a non-American this seems like a good sign

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I have unlimited respect for people who have the courage and energy to keep leading change, who work on things that are not mainstream.

Be it monitoring political figures, making sure a government respects the law, fighting for social rights, protecting employees from an employer, providing software or services that frees others... you are heroes and what you do matters.

Thank you for caring about others.

Me, when first seeing GNOME on new FHD machine: Everything is small

Me, a couple of days later seeing GNOME on old machine: Everything is comically big

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hot take:

All GSoC projects should be research to create 0days for all the popular blockchains.

Maybe we can buy GPUs again that way and avoid the massive waste of electricity.

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