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How can I be constantly tired, full of plans, and restless all at the same time?

Every day recently seems to feature a minor catastrophe

Then today I get a barrel of fairly big and interconnected ones all at once

I want to say the only way is up, but entropy is against me

Where you, fellow tooters, aware that these helpful content warning labels are still considered part of the toot content when calculating the character length and the application of limitations to the aforementioned, hence people geneally prefer short codes like ‘uspol’ and so on and so forth, but are not otherwise actually limited in length other than that the - at least on the floss.social website - user interface presents a relativly small text area for users to compose them? 

because I was not

Minding my own business, fairly nice quiet night

Weather: *instant torrential rain smashes into window*

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And the winner is… Ukraine!

Congratulations to the Kalush Orchestra for their emotive winning song ‘Stefania’, which captured the hearts of Europeans tonight.

Europe stands with you tonight and always.

#Eurovision #StandWithUkraine

does Germany just really not want to do well?

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Another Human Being recruited

Eventually we will Chang the World

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Wait, I'm sorta enjoying the interval act?

Is it really an error if it isn't a FancyVerb Error?

‘The Sound of Beauty’

Still not sure what it's supposed to mean, and I'm not entirely convinced it wasn't supposed to be

‘The Beauty of Sound’

Months later, at a fairly literal 11th hour:


†: For a narrowly enough defined definition of work

The node ecosystem and culture were a mistake, change my mind.

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there are only two seasons too warm and too cold

Another year, another mark on a bit of paper ☒.

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Once again it's a day here in the UK.

Doesn't matter who you vote for, or even if you choose to spoil, just don't forget to take part.


local elections 

If you feel the need to fairly explicitly distance yourself from Boris, perhaps instead of a paper-thin ‘Local Conservatives’ rebrand you should think about why you are a Tory candidate at all.

Maybe you are reasonable, care about ‘local interests’, and possibly even anti-Boris — but so long as you remain a party member I'm just going to assume it's a cheap election ploy.

Also the only policy points on your leaflet, ignoring those founded on mistruths, contradict each other.

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