Do you ever look at all the blue dots on your mail tree and think


Nothing to see here, just accidentally building a lisp-alike


Remember when sterling used to be worth …anything?

But don't worry, we'll pay our bills in sovereignty

Apparently Italy misplaced a hundred years, if anyone so happens to see them lying around — people send them home

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And while it is common practice, there is also a large number of maintainers, contributors, and other community members that are just done with your self-righteous shit.

That having a "thick skin" is a requirement to survive in many communities is just utterly unacceptable IMO.

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Sometimes you've just gotta lean into ``-driven development

The Queue.

It's quite a sight, so many people of various kinds engaged in a sorta odd large-scale performance art.

Following Government attempts at crowd control, there are now multiple queues for The Queue.

To handle road crossings and such, there are even some sorta sub-queues. Some parts seem practically static, others a slow walk, yet others almost a jog.

I'm glad I visited The Queue, but I don't regret not joining it

Status Update:
Getting oddly excited that email works

Well I'm broken

Not sure where we go from here


Me: Hey watchdog, reset the board after 2 seconds please
Watchdog: *resets the board every 2 seconds*
Me: No, not like that
Watchdog: *resets the board every 2 seconds*
Me: …

What's that you say? A KGX tarball release on the right day?

Sounds unlikely

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@noelle as mission control said of the rocket's ascent, "nice burn"

Anyone know where the last month went?

Air is cool and crisp
Light is dimmed and mute

It's raining for the first time in months

And it's glorious

Suella Braverman says the schools are ‘not obligated’ to use correct pronouns etc

Therefore I shall now call them Sue-Ellen Fernandes, and feel under no obligation to respect them — or the position they hold

So far it looks suspiciously like I didn't mess this release up

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Having studied the Weimar Republic I do love how in the UK we are living through the part of the textbook where kids ask ‘Sir, Why didn't people fight back?’

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