Are their any Linux conventions that frequent the UK, preferably Scotland?

Went a climb up the Cobbler in Arrochar, Scotland today with my good friend Connor. I'm not one for being included in photos , but some bog-standard photos have been taken.

Does anyone know if it is possible to disable code error highlighting in Builder? Since it doesn't correctly highlight Vala, the various 'errors' shown are very annoying.

@alecaddd I'm following your Vala tutorial on Youtube (which is great btw, well done) and I noticed on the second video, that the code:

`window.window_position = Gtk.WindowPosition.CENTER;`

doesn't actually seem to work. I tried using `MOUSE` instead, which also didn't work. Why do you think this could be?

Looking for some advice here.

I have grown very accustomed to the Fedora way of doing things; the vanilla Gnome experience, first-class Flatpak support, great hardware detection, great documentation for developers. I would like to experience all of these boons on a rolling release system, though it seems that Rawhide is generally not recommended unless you want to deal with issues fairly regularly. Can anyone make any recommendations on another distro?


This is what I made today instead of writing an essay on software testing.

Does anyone know what might be causing this issue on Builder? I'm following the Vala tutorials by @alecaddd using Builder.

The actual error is 'The symbol `Gtk' could not be found '.

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Hey guys, first time poster here. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding entry into Gnome/GTK development?

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