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Ilya not only asks us to go back out and map POIs, but also gives us the tool to do so. Every Door (every-door.app/) seems like an excellent way to move towards the goal in the slide.
A very exciting development! Congrats on the great effort.

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#Minetest #SteamDeck #OnDeck It almost works, just some small issues with the controls and onscreen keyboard to fix

war & propaganda 

On YouTube I regularly see people leaving nasty comments addressed at myself both under my videos or replying to my comments under other people's videos.

All that because I've put a Ukrainian flag next to my nickname as an admittedly pathetic token of support but more as a remainder for people who live far away from this war.

I am saddened by this more than anything as it proves that totalitarian brainwashing is as effective in the era of Internet as it was in the last century.

It's surprising to see how many people are moving to Gentoo Hardened musl and exclusively using LLVM toolchain due to my and a small amount of other people's work.

I didn't expect this to start a movement...

“Our 14th century time-tourism business is booming.”

“It’s nice having visitors from the 21st century. They’re so … clean.”

“I’ve just got one request.”


“Can you please stop telling them you’re called Tiffany? It shatters their sense of authenticity.”

“But that’s my name! It’s a perfectly normal 14th-century name.”

“Maybe you could use—it’s short for—?”

“Theophania? Ugh, Theophania is my grandmother, I’m Tiffany!”


Will things get better?

Please boost for sample size.

@kytta Not exactly what you seem to be looking for, but based.cooking/ was created for some of the same reasons cited in the ask.

Happy to report I now have the #3 ranked site on Google for the term "Appease Poseidon".

Eagerly awaiting the buyout offers.


I wanna test something, if you can see this post please vote. reblog for more reach, please.


Or should we wear an always-on microphone at all times that broadcasts our private conversations to some cloud so it can be analysed. And with the device conveniently bleeping when our discussion enters 'dangerous ground' according to the rules of the day?

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A fun, sweet, and above all punny version of the story of #Hades and #Persephone. What should have been a romantic declaration of love leads to Persephone being trapped in the underworld. Meanwhile, #Demeter moves heaven and earth to find her daughter.

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or Tapas:

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