Today's @opensuse snapshot 20200914 brings @inkscape v1.0.1 including experimental colour-managed PDF export through !

This is why Open Source is awesome:
Took sysrich's openSUSE-styled blog theme and ported it to a pre-existing Wordpress theme. Looks the same but on a totally different basis!

Code is here:

»openSUSE 15.2 is the Mercedes-Benz of Linux distributions« says FOSS Post.
Read their full review here:

Hello @kde Plasma 5.19.4!
@opensuse Tumbleweed delivers the fourth iteration just two days after it's release. Of course fully tested and openQA approved!

This applies to @opensuse alike: SUSE addresses security exposure.

In short: run your regular system updates send stay safe!

»I want to give a huge shout out to the @opensuse team who work tirelessly to continuously put out extremely high quality software in a very professional manner.«
@__londoed__ on FrontPage Linux

With today's release of Leap 15.2 users will finally get Xfce 4.14 which is awesome by itself. But the team added some extra cherries on top, including their very own desktop theme!

Between two meetings this evening there's just enough time to give the cucumber plants some water. And to check with the sunset.

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