Erste Tests laufen gut. Wir werden die Tage dann auch einen offenen Jitsi Meet Server bereitstellen.

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Do people use KDE applications from outside their distribution's repositories? Oven outside Linux land? They do, here are the numbers:

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Jitsi Meet: How many video participants in a single conference room can a self hosted server support? Didn't find a good answer so I tried it out myself:

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🇩🇪 Feierabend. Genießt ihn und bleibt gesund.

🇺🇸 Closing time. Enjoy it and stay healthy.

#stayathome #besafe #Augsburg

Hu-hu-hu! Die Chancen stehen ganz gut, dass wir in Chemnitz ein Notebook mit AMD CPU zeigen können... 🤫

Our new InfinityBook model is available now. I've been running battery life tests with @opensuse today and after 21 hours idle there is still 55% battery power left! 🤤

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Maybe some of you would wanna help out and design logo for #openSUSE, we would love to move on with deciding the rest of branding, and we just need a few submissions to have more to choose from than just 3-4 logos.

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🇩🇪 In knapp zwei Wochen geht es los in Chemnitz! Wir haben für euch mal den besten aller Stände markiert... 😉

Den kompletten Plan gibt's hier:
#clt20 #clt2020

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Servicetoot für Freedom-Tours:
Noch Lust, im FreedomTours-Bus von Düsseldorf über Essen, Dortmund und Geseke zu den #clt2020 mitzukommen? Noch haben wir 7 Plätze frei!

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Oops! My /boot directory on #openSUSE Tumbleweed is full. The current #Linux kernel version here is 5.5.6 so I have decided to delete some older versions of the kernel:

$ for var in $(rpm -qa | grep -i kernel.*5\.3); do sudo zypper remove $var; done

(Don't worry, 'zypper' asks every time if I really want to do that before it deletes something.)

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KDE Plasma 5.18 on @openSUSE Tumbleweed is Awesome-Sauce. Further refinements, feature enhancements and little improvements make it a welcome update. @kdecommunity #Linux

Out for a sunny Sunday stroll, getting the head cleared.

Irgendjemand hat meine Tasse geklaut und jetzt muss ich hier Revolution machen. 🤨

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