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Grab a snack, it's the weekend!

(Says our Chief Barketing Officer. Who of course knows best.)

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The relationship of #SUSE & @opensuse is a shared journey. Understand how Leap, Tumbleweed and SLE are built and how these distributions complement one another.

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#Xfce 4.16 RC1 has been out for a while now and a few days ago André Miranda put together a blog post about what's new with the upcoming release [1]

He also mentions the #openSUSE Xfce:rat repository where we build a daily snapshot of Xfce git main for testing purposes and in the time since the release we've also put together a Xfce:next repository to test the RC itself [2]



Today's @opensuse snapshot 20200914 brings @inkscape v1.0.1 including experimental colour-managed PDF export through !

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Another great week with @opensuse Tumbleweed as the stability increased after the full rebuild of all packages in the distribution.

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The remaining seat in the @opensuse board is now set. Congratulations @hellcp!

And thank you crowbyte for participating.

A big THANK YOU to both of you for preparing the path of a brighter future for #opensuse!

This is why Open Source is awesome:
Took sysrich's openSUSE-styled blog theme and ported it to a pre-existing Wordpress theme. Looks the same but on a totally different basis!

Code is here:

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Another livestream about #openQA will take place next Wednesday
(August 26th) 11 AM UTC on
This time I'll be covering test scheduling & setting up your development environment (and anything that you'd like to hear).

Hope to meet you there for another round of #testing!

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