Is there a way to hide or disable these button bars in @fedilab? I'm slightly lost in the mass of settings...

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"Konnst Di duschn."

1.: Bayern, wenn das Bad freigeworden ist

2.: Arnold Schwarzenegger, wenn er 'Constitution' sagt.

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#SysAdmins should checkout the first of this two-part series on #howto use #Tilix, a tiling terminal emulator, with @opensuse -

Simple, yet brilliant to the point: Tagging a company on Twitter to complain

> I expect to see laptops running Linux fast underway, especially from companies like […] Tuxedo.

Yes, will definitely happen.

> So, we might also get to see a Linux laptop not based on the combo of Intel/NVidia.

Yes, will happen as well.

You might see how these two questions and their answers are linked together. ;-)

Die Kollegin testet gerne. Heute: politische Systeme und ihre praktische Umsetzung.

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@opensuse is extremely excited about having a summit at #OSCAL in Tirana, Albania, this spring. The Call for Papers is open. Submit a talk and register for it at The CfP closes on April 1. No Joke 😉

Devs, admins, supporters... We're hiring and enthusiasts to extend our team at Augsburg, Germany.

Interested? Know someone? Let's talk!

Find out more here as well:

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