I've been focused the past few weeks on targeting some core package sets for in , and wrote up a summary of the status:

It's a long, long , but it seems almost within sight! Maybe. I hope.

@reproducible_builds @debian

@reproducible_builds @civodul

I also did a quick estimate of some "core" packages in though a better list should probably be created and I have not yet looked into what the causes might be:

@vagrantc Do you know which of the issues you reported also apply to #Guix?

I suppose build path issues don’t apply, but maybe others do?

(BTW, what’s up with glibc failing to build? :-))


Off the top of my head, no idea!

Obviously the build path issues shouldn't matter since guix normalizes the build paths.

I'll try to do some testing in the coming weeks and get some answers!

I didn't look into glibc failures, they might only be with infrastructure...

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