A 64-bit CPU core licensed under that can actually boot

is getting more feasible even to the core!


– Our goal is >4 IPC (average) with >97% branch prediction and lots of cache, deep out-of-order pipelines and speculative execution for managing cache and branch miss latency
– General long term goal is a high end server class CPU, 5GHz+, multithreaded, 100+ instructions in flight at any one time

that reads like:

"I'm not sure we need to apply any learning from Spectre & Meltdown, we really just want a big CPU like Intel has, that goes vroom. but being GPL, it won't be controlled by Intel. It can instead be controlled by all other big corps."

It is true out-of-order execution is ripe for exploits and I am both surprised and not at all surprised to see it implemented in cores. The speed benefits are a powerful draw.

When talking about the vs. I often mention that the pinebook is immune to and attacks. It is also a lot slower. Same holds true for vs. , apparently.

Nice thing about a licensed core is you could disable the (mis)feature!

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