'Ralph Nader help us!' a new kind of #consumer rights' lawsuit. @conservancy is taking the argument to court, that free and open source software (#FOSS) in the commons is a significant value to consumers, and that value is taken away when their licensed (#GPL) rights to source code is withheld. The press kit PDF: sfconservancy.org/docs/softwar Rights to #repair, and #security are included.

We filed a lawsuit today against Vizio because they fail to fulfill even the basic requirements of the #GPL. You can check out the complete materials here:

A 64-bit CPU core licensed under that can actually boot

is getting more feasible even to the core!


“Reproducible builds for Debian: a big step forward”:

A nice article by a #QubesOS hacker on what it takes to rebuild old #Debian packages (it’s more work than ‘guix time-machine’!), reliance on snapshot.debian.org, how its limitations were overcome, and more.


Just did some quick testing using reprotest to see if the various MNT Reform firmwares are and sure enough, they are!

With an eye to someday doing more thorough testing, I put together some initial packaging for Debian:


To package for Debian, it would be nicer if firmware were in a separate git repository...

Now I just need to actually *test* these firmwares on my mnt/reform!


With some idle time riding a bus and walking home, I upgraded my running from bullseye to bookworm... without network access...

It felt a bit living on the edge, but I had downloaded all the necessary packages earlier...

What could possibly go wrong?


Install went smoothly, thankfully!


Actual of comparing against packages people actually use, has finally arrived!


The numbers are looking pretty good, in the ballpark of 80% reproducible so far with 20% pending testing.

This will likely get better reproducibility results than the current test infrastructure for Debian, which intentionally changes the build environment in various ways between two builds to discover reproducibility issues.

It has come to my attention that does not support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH. I will have to carve out some time to write a patch, if someone else doesn't beat me to it.

Building up on yesterday progress, I managed to build a Guix System image with the Sway WM for the Pinebook Pro.

#guix #gnu #pinebook

#DouglasAdams 1999 on the new thing called #Internet and how deeply we will depend on it

He got it remarkable precise in hindsight. However, I'd say he got it wrong when it comes to #digitalnatives . On average, IT knowledge is rather poor. Only a tiny minority of geeks and hackers know how to do cool stuff. The majority is only using big tech interfaces, not knowing what happens with their data. #education

Spent the weekend at a "gasshuku" retreat. My first experience really blending my love of the outdoors and my love of aikido. Great food, great community, literally down to earth, surrounded by forest and mountains all weekend!

Also took some of my first pictures using the which turned out ok despite some rough edges.

It's been only three days since #phosh 0.13.0 but since then we already landed two usability improvements:

- A button to close all notifications
- A way to cycle through all feedback modes (on/quiet/silent) by Pablo Correa Gómez

and there's a bit more cooking for 0.13.1.

#phosh #librem5 #purism #gnomeonmobile #gnome #linux


Monthly report:


It's great to see more discussion of and related to vulnerabilites.

Really excited to see the work on reproducible live images for .

Always nice to see developments in other projects as we are all in this together.

Personally, I had a good month submitting a few patches!

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