@cj I would love to see an AP talk from you regardless of whether it gets accepted to FOSDEM.

@cj @dansup @kaniini @lain @Gargron @matt @nightpool @cwebber Probably not this year. I'm close to graduating school, and I've been sucked into writing a compiler recently which has been eating up all my time. But thanks for the invite. I do hope we get to meet everyone working on AP someday.

@mariusor @mbajur @cwebber Thanks for bringing this up! Fetching raw Like/Dislike activities like @cj mentioned is probably the way to go for simple cases. But I do see the usefulness of a custom score property. I'm in favor of this proposal. I would like to add though the fact that some apps may prefer to give a floating point score.

Today I will be joining my peers in walking out of the office. I want to make sure Andy Rubin level executives know that their corporate power doesn't shield them from the consequences of being a shitty person.

@cj I wouldn't call it a distraction if it makes it makes it easier for contributors to understand the codebase.

Following some inspiration from @sir I've implemented CSS only expandable comments for my WIP #activitypub reddit alternative.

@feoh if that is your intention, then sure. But there's three reasons this is bad.

1. It prevents dual booting.
2. It prevents you from loading distros that cannot afford to pay Microsoft.
3. It puts Microsoft in charge. They can at any time decide to refuse future key signatures.

Currently the Linux Foundation pays Microsoft for signing. If you think about it, that key can be misused to bypass SecureBoot. This is just a game by Microsoft to make more money.

Digital Restrictions Management (#DRM) is any technology that is built into an electronic product or service with the aim of limiting its range of uses.

Today is international #DayAgainstDRM: defectivebydesign.org/dayagain

Use the day and read on to inform yourself & others about DRM!

@switchingsocial ublock origin, privacy badger, and httpseverywhere. All three are really simple and essential for privacy. I've had no problems recommending them. (Only catch to mention is ublock, the blocker with a similar name, is potentially bad)

I've been looking into making . I can split the app into , deploy each service in a container, and run the deployment on which runs on which runs on (K8S). Knative being a platform can scale down to zero, thus reducing costs. For storage I'm considering which lets me run on K8S. To the best of my knowledge, Anancus would then become the first cloud-native application.

Decided to use Drone.io for Continuous Delivery. It is built on , written in , and runs on .

is only available in Docker for Windows or Docker for Mac. Why can't support ?

Learning about DevOps recently has made me realize how poorly I've been writing software. Going to start writing tests, and infrastructure.

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