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Vi Jay Suskind ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ @tuxether

So this happened when I tried opening an issue on mastodon today.

ยท 7 ยท 3

@tuxether Any idea what Microsoft didn't like?

@tuxether Then contact support.

They can't get away with this!

@remotenemesis @tuxether Timing's odd.

But no I'm not sure. After a merger it's hard to tell the difference though.

@tuxether I think enough people misunderstand the term "free software" to maybe start using the term 'open software' instead.
Also, the term: 'open source' is being both diluted and polluted.

"Open Software" - also works for "Open Hardware" , "Open Networks", "Open Designs" , "Open Licenses-of-every-kind"

#Freesoftware #opensource #OpenSoftware #OpenHardware

I decided that I will be after this drama. But, one can't even delete their Github account once it has been flagged. I complained to Github, and got back a response after three days:

Thanks for writing in! Our spam filter seems to have made an error in flagging your account for further review, which blocked your ability to delete that account. Apologies for the temporary blockage.