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An early look at the based social link aggregation platform . You can find the source code at

Who wants to work with me and @dajbelshaw, developing the #ActivityPub based #federated back-end for #MoodleNet?

We're looking for a #developer familiar with #Elixir (or transferable skills like #Erlang and #RubyOnRails).

The whole project will be #FOSS and you can work from home, what's not to love ;-) Please RT!

#tech #job #programming #jobs #software #remote #federation #decentralised

Linux apps that run anywhere

Whether you're a developer or user of a application, you should be aware of -

Implemented an optional compact view for those who prefer seeing everything in one glance

JSON-goLD: a json-ld lib for Go

Apparently the devs have also built a 2015 version of Linked Data Signatures, but it's not released yet, but seems on the roadmap

Happy #FollowFriday #ff! This is from memory (on a train right now). People related to AP in some way:

@cwebber One of the AP authors
@rhiaro Another AP author
@kaniini Pleroma Eng
@Gargron Mastodon Eng
@nightpool Mastodon Eng
@dansup PixelFed Eng
@tuxether Anacus Eng
@matt Eng
@bhaugen ValueFlows (extension)
@mayel Moodle (extension)

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just a quick #litepub update:

we intend to have a meeting Saturday, around 1900 GMT, to discuss timeline and functionality for a minimum viable product (MVP).

litepub is intended to be a profile of activitypub for S2S usage, which is minimalist and reflects real-world best practices.

we ultimately intend to present this work to IETF for publication as an RFC.

oh I just realised! I never posted my announcement for Kroeg here:

Kroeg ('s my project to build a fast generic ActivityPub server; currently it's obviously aimed at being microblog-based, but building image sharing on top is easy. my site is currently run right on top!

Does your #golang #activitypub application use go-fed? Want free and cheap marketing? Want to put an end to the universal increase of entropy*?

Let me know some details in the linked github issue, so I can update the go-fed README with it!

*Offer valid where the second law of thermodynamics does not apply.

go-fed #activitypub Official Implementation report has been submitted:

It's valid for v0.2.0 onwards. Which was released today. Expect the site to pick up that version and generate the documentation sometime within the next 23 hours or so.

It's been a 6 month journey to this point. A LONG side-project journey for me. When I began, AP wasn't even finalized yet, and I was full of self-doubt.

Thanks everyone who's been supportive. Doubly thankful for those using the library!

had a incident. May I remind everyone that Reddit used to be open source, but later became closed source in 2017. In less than a year, they face a security incident. This is why we need licensed based alternatives like Anancus and Prismo.

An early look at the based social link aggregation platform . You can find the source code at

I've started putting together a list of #fediverse apps, focused on implementations of #ActivityPub, documenting their status and what tech stack they're (being) built with:

This is a publicly editable doc, so would appreciate corrections/additions, and feedback especially from fediverse devs, but also from instance admins and users:

- What app/implementation/stack did you try?
- Pros/cons you encountered
- What stack & libraries would you choose if starting today?

There's an amazing number of #ActivityPub #alternatives now available or under development:

Twitter -> @Mastodon and #Pleroma

Instagram -> @pixelfed and @anfora

YouTube -> #PeerTube ( @Chocobozzz )

Soundcloud -> @funkwhale

MeetUp -> @GetTogetherComm

Medium -> #Plume ( @BaptisteGelez )

Reddit -> @prismo and Anancus ( @tuxether )

LinkedIn -> @cloutstream

Google Calendar -> @calendar_social

Anything missing from the list? What else is needed?

#Federation #Fediverse

@cj What's the relationship between 'likes' and 'liked' fields? I see 'liked' is used in outboxResolver while 'likes' is used in inboxResolver.

What day is it? πŸ—“οΈ Friday! Time for #Alternatives for #FollowFriday :gentleblob:

@tom79 Mastalab: #Mastodon app for #Android

@tuxether Anancus: Open alternative to #Reddit (see also @prismo , another open Reddit alternative)

@ubuntustudio Ubuntu Studio: Version of Ubuntu aimed at artists, audio producers, video editors etc.

@fsf Free Software Foundation: Oldest organisation promoting open source software

@DavitMasia Davit Masia: Fun pixel art πŸ‘Ύ

Previous #FF posts:

ActivityPub progress in anancus: Got most of the interfaces implemented. Now to test. It does seem to work at first glance. The app supports multiple AP persons and multiple AP groups.

Kroeg by @puckipedia was one of the first applications to take ActivityPub implementation seriously. Puck has been rewriting it, and it sounds like things are shaping up:

Note that a lot of people have said "well, ActivityPub has turned out to be whatever @gargron implemented in Mastodon". It's true that there's a risk when you have one piece of software being so dominant in early implementation, but a lot of people saying that didn't see the huge amount of testing that @puckipedia and @gargron did against each others' software early on.

I guess this is the point where I ask for help. If anyone familiar with Rust would like to work with me on a library for the Mastodon API please reach out to me.

(please boost for visibility)