I'm trying to subscribe to Slashdot with my feed reader, but I can't
find a relevant feed!

Browsing around on the site I've found no less than three different feed links:

That first one doesn't even have any article from this year, and the
other two are identical to each other but have no articles newer than
June 21st.

Does anyone know where I can find a feed that's actually updated?

After emailing slashdot and explaining this issue I some days later received a response that simply said "It's fixed now".

It appears that is up to date at this moment, and hopefully also in the future.

@Sandra What I see in that feed doesn't even remotely match what I see in the slashdot feed in feedly (which I guess uses WebSub).

@Sandra It's super strange. Alterslash has some articles that I don't see in Feedly, and in Feedly I see a whole lot of articles I don't see on Alterslash. I have no idea what's going on here.

@Sandra Okay... uhm... Alterslash shows 14 articles from today, whereas the feed in Feedly only shows *one* so far. Even if I refresh.

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