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I write some stuff on my blog every now and then (and on my gemlog on the same domain). I dislike reminding people of my existence every time I post something, so I won't be peddling it for every post :) But here it is, in case someone's interested:

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Not enough people seem to be on about how it's Talk Like A Pirate Day.

I will make a Pirate Joke™:

Q: What language do Pirates like to program in?
A: You might thing it's R, but a Pirate's first love is the C.

Boost this shit.

Does anyone here play ? I've set up a train line going from A to B and the train going there is set to unload all and full load in both ends.

The thing is that a lot of people get on at A, get off at B (and I make $$$), then immediately get on again, and when they subsequently get off at A I *lose* money :( I gather that this is because they came from A in the first place and hate going home, but why? What can I do about it? Go one way with a full load and the other completely empty?

You know that old saying "I think, therefore I am"?

Can someone tell me how to say "I drink tea, therefore I am" in latin?

It just struck me that there's no smurf named Blue Smurf. What a lost opportunity.

Fail! I’m all alone at the office, probably for another couple of weeks… I’ll be wfh for a while and enjoy my pyjamas

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The downside of going to the office is that I have to wear respectable clothes. I mean, I don't strictly have to, but wearing pyjamas is frowned upon.

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I.e. I would still have the exact same problem as I have if hosting on my own server. I guess this is a problem for most people on residential IPs.

It would definitely be possible for me, but more effort and risk than I care for. I'm shelving this for now.


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Alright! There's been some interest in this effort. Just mentioning everyone who's replied took 234 characters :D

Update: my domain registrar has an email service, but sadly I would still have the problem of my rDNS pointing to my ISP rather than my own domain.

After emailing slashdot and explaining this issue I some days later received a response that simply said "It's fixed now".

It appears that is up to date at this moment, and hopefully also in the future.

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I'm trying to subscribe to Slashdot with my feed reader, but I can't
find a relevant feed!

Browsing around on the site I've found no less than three different feed links:

That first one doesn't even have any article from this year, and the
other two are identical to each other but have no articles newer than
June 21st.

Does anyone know where I can find a feed that's actually updated?

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I will talk on the need for frugal computing and the path towards zero-carbon computing at the Summer/Winter School 2022 on Fri 29 July, 16:00 BST (15:00 UTC).

Hope to see you all there!

You can sign up at


Took another step towards self hosting my life with installing FreshRSS last night. Next up is to self host my email, which I really want to do because Gmail even re-write all links in your emails to go via their servers and then be redirected to the intended target to know exactly what links you've clicked).

I'm gonna need a bit of help with this, however. I hardly know what I need to do. MX record? DMARC? Spam assassin? If anyone knows a good guide I'd be very grateful for the tip.

So how do we reduce emissions?

By USING LESS ENERGY. Anyone saying that some new and fancy tech is going to solve things for us is wrong. Adding more tech means using more energy.

We have to stop adding energy generation in order to stop Jevon's Paradox.

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@EU_Commission These claims go entirely against the consensus in the field.

The projected growth in AI, blockchain, IoT will lead to a massive rise in emissions, not a reduction. And contrary to your claim, none of these technologies is essential in reducing emissions.

Quantum Computing is unlikely to be mainstream by 2050 and has currently no promise of energy efficiency. There are much more promising compute technologies. Space-based services cause emissions in the upper atmosphere which leads to additional warming of those layers, making global warming worse.

Please check with experts before posting things like this.(fwiw, I am an expert in low-carbon and sustainable computing so green & digital transition is my area)

I somewhere stumbled upon a website about blogs that only publish RSS/atom feeds (no posts on the actual blog page), but of course I can’t find it now. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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Can someone please explain this stuff:

What the heck is a HTTP signature?

I'm trying to make a li'l dinky CLI app ("umjammer" is my WIP name for it) that reads the ActivityPub JSON of one of my posts (that part's super easy, barely an inconvenience), and submits that post to a @LemmyDev group.

The CLI app is gonna run on the same server (same IP, same domain name, access to same keys etc) as my ActivityPub instance, which is running the Pleroma fork ("Mangane") that @clovis and @Guerin maintain. (I'll call it via SSH but it's also a POC for other stuff down the line, like making a web app that does it, or putting support for Lemmy groups directly into Mangane.)

Reading and posting JSON over HTTP, that part I understand, but it's the authentication part I don't get.

And I've scoured the source codes of Pleroma, Mastodon, Friendica, Lemmy itself, and honk, but I still don't get it because I don't understand the basics.

The file I was looking at in Lemmy's source code moved or changed (it was but that's a 404 now). That file used to have a verify_signature and that's what I need to satisfy, but I don't know the basics. Trying to read the HTTP signatures RFC and like, Wikipedia on digital signing, but I also wanna know specifics so I don't accidentally reveal my private key etc.

So people who understand the internals of these apps, please help ♥

Out of curiousity more than looking for another project: what servers exist that are suitable to run on a Raspberry Pi older than the 4?

"Flowcarbon lets project developers sell their carbon credits through tokens, digital assets stored and traded using blockchain technology, allowing them to access cheaper funding and scale their projects more quickly. "Our mission is to provide the financing necessary to scale projects that reduce or remove carbon from the atmosphere, in particular nature-based projects,""

How the actual f*** does selling carbon credits help develop methods to reduce carbon??

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"Flowcarbon, a blockchain-based carbon credits company, announced that it has raised $70 million in its first round of funding."

Behold! A company that wants to contribute vastly to climate change while pretending to do the exact opposite!

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