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I write some stuff on my blog every now and then (and on my gemlog on the same domain). I dislike reminding people of my existence every time I post something, so I won't be peddling it for every post :) But here it is, in case someone's interested:

@acdw Grrm... I really need to change my default post visibility to private...

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Speaking of accessibility:

I often use abbreviations or short forms on my blog/gemlog, but I'm worried that it affects people with screen readers negatively. Does it?

For example: in a recent post about role-playing I used terms like GM (as a past tense verb GMed), PC (in plural PCs), prep.

I keep reading about how managers want to surveil they're remote employees, with screenshots, real-time screen access, or even cameras in their houses. This feels to me like a very American thing. I haven't heard of a single manager in Sweden even suggesting that they'd *want* to do this.

Is this an American thing? And if so, why are American managers like that?

@bob I sometimes lament how the ActivityPub de facto spec appears to be expanding all the time. Can you share some experience around maintaining a small AP server, and what that means in terms of catching up to things?

I read the headline "Did Trump's Truth Social Network Skirt US Securities Law?" as a quiz question and instinctively answered "YES!"...

The EU adopted updated Standard Contractual Clauses on June 4th 2021, guiding companies on how to be compliant with the GDPR while allowing data transfer to third countries.
Previously I've learned that if the third country is the US these SCCs are useless, because US law allows access to personal data without due process, in conflict with EU human rights.
Does anyone know if this situation has changed? Sources are welcome.

Is *anyone* surprised that Trump's new social network is an ill-prepared hack job that doesn't comply to the AGPLv3 license that Mastodon uses?

"[...] 0.5% of the 20,000 top-ranking websites on the web [...] also use obfuscation techniques. As such, detecting malicious code based on the fact that is obfuscated isn't enough on its own [...]"

Why do "legitimate" sites obfuscate their JS? 🤔

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what's a technology that's generally derided by cool kids / treated as a terrible mistake / written off as legacy badness / loathed by the cult of Design, but which you actually think has been a tremendous boon in making useful stuff possible?

i'll go first: fixed-width text.

I've upgraded Raspberry Pi OS (debian, essentially) from the previous testing branch to the newest and I'm getting some weird dependency issues. Specifically some libc and libssl dev packages depend on an *older* version of libc6 than is provided. And they can't be authenticated either.

I assume the issue will go away once they're repackaged but... Is there any way I can help?

No matter what one might think of Cloudflare their explanation of the facebook outage is very interesting and informative:

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Only six hours… and here I was naïvely hoping for at least 6 days — preferrably 6 weeks or more…

How long will I have to wait for the next internet entertainment show?

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I love this!

First we had the freenode debacle, then TSR decided to resurrect, fork, rename, and sully itself. The Fastly outage and the recent Slack disturbance were just hiccups. But this! I love myself some internet reality entertainment! I hope it lasts for a long time, because I’ve already binged my candy ration for the week and I’d really like to enjoy the facebook outage with a chocolate bar.

I tried turning off JS on It turns out Mastodon doesn't even load without JS...

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Let's do another writing exercise I really like :) reply to this toot with 3 words (keep is safe and sane please) and I'll write a toot fic or poetry either using them or using them as themes.

Boosts and multiple submissions appreciated

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