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I write some stuff on my blog every now and then (and on my gemlog on the same domain). I dislike reminding people of my existence every time I post something, so I won't be peddling it for every post :) But here it is, in case someone's interested:

One thing that's pretty cool with the fediverse is how posts can travel slowly. Quite often I see a post from long ago (months, or sometimes years) being boosted, replied to, or favourited (uhm... how does one verbify "favourite"?). There's no algorithm to push the most recent engaging content, so whenever someone finds something interesting and acts on it there's no filter that will class that interaction as less important than other interactions.

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#gemini #programming #C
I'm creating a new Gemini browser in C with Ncurses, named (very creatively) Gemcurses.

It's actually my first project in C, so my code is messy and I'm sure it has a ton of bugs, but it somewhat works!

It requires only Ncurses and OpenSSL libraries.

Feel free to check it out, and tell me what you think and what i need to fix/change/add :)

Another toki pona question!

Which of these are correct?
1. "that woman is good" = "meli li pona"
2. "he is nice" = "ona li pona"

The thing is that I understand "oni" as being any third person, but at the same time "meli" is woman/girl and "mije" is man/girl. So which is correct for things like "women are men" or "he is food"?

Show thread is missing examples where "no, not, nothing" (ala) is actually used. I'm guessing this is used as any of the adjectives (does it count as an adjective? Not sure).

Are these correct?
1. "I am not a lemon" = "mi ala kili"
2. "You are not my mother" = "sina ala mama mi"
3. "This food is not good" = "moku li ike ala"
4. "I am nothing" = "mi ala"
5. "No humans are bad" = "jan ala li ike"

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Errh... lesson 2 is more complicated to generate exercises for... I'll have to ponder that a bit.

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I know there are some fans around here. I've wanted to learn for such a long time and have finally started to dabble a bit.

This syllabus caught my attention:

Short lessons with ten words each. Very few exercises. I know that repetition really helps me learn and decided to make a companion site for this.

Exercises for Lesson 1 ( are now up at

I have no doubt made mistakes. Please correct me! 😊

It’s not ”code I wrote while high” it’s ”narc-up language”

PSA: It's 2022 and GUI frameworks are still like they were in 2002, except Electron exists, is simple and usable, and eats your computer.

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- wordgames
- CLI computing
- Oracle's free VPS service
- philosophical discussions about consciousness, and acceptance
- Runescape
- a bunch of posts with titles in cyrillic that I have no idea what they're about
- economics of lightbulbs
- Magic the Gathering
- wonderfully personal diary-like posts

Atm there's some discussion about Lagrange and ANSI colours (not sure if that's the same or two separate discussions). I think that's the first gemini-centric topic I've seen in a while.


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It looks to me like geminispace has passed a milestone. Last year a great deal of discussions on gemini were *about* gemini. Those discussions have all but died out, or at least been drowned out by a vast array of more mundane and interesting topics.

Here's just a few topics you can find right now on the aggregator Antenna gemini:// :


I had a short discussion the other day about micro payment solutions to support creators, specifically bloggers. I’d like to know how many platforms there are for this sort of thing. The ones I know about are Ko-Fi, Flattr, and Liberapay. Are there more? Which ones are popular?

I’m planning to do a little bit of research and write a blog post about it, but just finding answers to these two questions appears to be a bit of a hurdle.

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Before you buy that e-book from Amazon, do yourself a favor and see if the publisher has a website with direct sales.

I've found a number of books that I was interested in DRM-free, in EPUB format, and sometimes at a discounted price, just by poking around a little.

It's 08:16 and the sky is slowly starting to brighten at least perceptibly. The sun will rise at 09:22 and I can't wait.

Yes! My prayers have been heard! More internet reality drama to entertain me! TSR(3) is trying to crowdfund money for a lawsuit against WotC, without any legal ground to stand on whatsoever. This is hilarious

@acdw Grrm... I really need to change my default post visibility to private...

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Speaking of accessibility:

I often use abbreviations or short forms on my blog/gemlog, but I'm worried that it affects people with screen readers negatively. Does it?

For example: in a recent post about role-playing I used terms like GM (as a past tense verb GMed), PC (in plural PCs), prep.

I keep reading about how managers want to surveil they're remote employees, with screenshots, real-time screen access, or even cameras in their houses. This feels to me like a very American thing. I haven't heard of a single manager in Sweden even suggesting that they'd *want* to do this.

Is this an American thing? And if so, why are American managers like that?

@bob I sometimes lament how the ActivityPub de facto spec appears to be expanding all the time. Can you share some experience around maintaining a small AP server, and what that means in terms of catching up to things?

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