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@spacekookie To me it's more of a rhythmn thing. It's easy to keep up when the scaffold remains the same: I used to do it on my work commute. Now I'm just lagging behind hard ...

@Readlebee I see. For whatever reason I learned about both projects today and I didn't know GoodReads but I am using Joplin notes to track my reading and I am very interested to swapping to a federated approach, if it would allow me to get good recommendations of similar readers (not like I'd ever run out of books as it is right now!!!). I just don't like giving my data to corps too much, but this is info I don't mind sharing publicly :)

@riku Do I still have to switch to the federated services, even when I'm not using the centralized ones? 😆

@Readlebee Do you consider a competition?
I see they don't directly support reviews, but rather ratings, compared to you. On the other hand they already have an instance running "for shows".


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